XP Home PC keeps freezing randomly - any idea why?

angelzw, May 7, 10:31pm
Have googled and found several reasons and have worked thru them. I think it is coming down to a reg problem but am unsure of how to fix it. RAM all good, no new added progs, freezes doing different things each time. Even keyboard goes and have to use reset button. Run MBAM and it's now all clean. Found a few problems but have dealt with them. It's an oldie but has 1Gig RAM. Is there a recommended reg 'fixer' I can apply? No new hardware has been added. It works great when it does but can't seem to sort this one out. Used a free Registry Repair tool from CNET which picked up heaps of missing reg files and used the fix option but am still getting the big freeze. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

r.g.nixon, May 7, 10:43pm
Hard to diagnose. I would try a 'live Linux CD".
This will run a different operating system (without installing it). If that works fine, you know that there is no hardware problem.

angelzw, May 7, 11:04pm

r.g.nixon, May 7, 11:11pm
Yes. It is a small download. Do you know how to write an ISO to a CDR? And make the CD the first boot device in the BIOS?

maldat, May 7, 11:13pm
Your computer is old. . Nothing wrong with that.

I'm sure you will find problem is dust. .computer needs to be taken apart and cleaned. . Plus the CPU paste will be old and dry and not doing its job. .

Should be done once a year. . for good pc health. .

angelzw, May 7, 11:14pm
Yip. Just checking user notes for Puppy now.

maldat, May 7, 11:16pm
angelzw :Ring Doug9424096He does a good job does it at home. . doesnt charge a lot. .

angelzw, May 7, 11:16pm
Have cleaned out the dust - it sure was dusty! Used compressed air. Haven't done the CPU paste yet. Not confident with it so don't want to risk it. It's currently rolling back as it froze during the installation of SP3.

maldat, May 7, 11:19pm
Dont install SP3 . . i have 3 computer on home netwok. . one just frezzes when you try in install sp3. .

Old CPU paste will overheat the CPU and jam up or shut down computer all of the time. .

angelzw, May 7, 11:28pm
Done the full clean maldat. Removed & cleaned all cards inc memory. What's safe operating temp range as I've checked it with Everest Home and it all seems reasonable.

amieward, May 8, 12:15am
Has the pc been re installed since 2001 or is it still the original install, with no updates aswell?

angelzw, May 8, 1:49am
I have had to put in a new hdd so had to reinstall. Put old hdd in as slave. Running SP2 with all the updates so far. Didn't get to SP3 but have been advised against. Have heard of troubles after SP3 install so might hold off on that.

r.g.nixon, May 8, 2:46am
If yours is an HP brand with AMD CPU, then you could strike a major problem with SP3. Haven't heard of any other problems.

angelzw, May 8, 8:44am
Had a COMPAQ throw a complete wobbly after SP3 install. But that's a whole other story! This pc seems to have been running fine the last few hours. Couldn't even get 5 minutes out of it before. Ran the free Reg Repair tool several times and after that it seems to have settled. Not sure why. No freeze now for several hours. Fingers xd. I may even get some-one to do the CPU as I'm not confident in doing it myself. Thanks for the ideas everyone.

jbpcsolutionstm, May 8, 8:34pm
try ccleaner or startup manager. You might have unnecessary stuff running in the background. That generally helps

kevin16, May 8, 8:37pm
heard of this but never had a machine I've installed play up on sp3, . . yet anyway...

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