Upgrading printer options and advice please

sunset28, May 9, 2:25am
i currently have an old colour canon bjc3000 printer and am looking to upgrade as image quality isnt the best.

I want a suitable home printer that is good for printing documents and printing picutres which are "pretty good". They dont 'have' to be album quality or anything although i wouldnt mind the capability. Is inkjet the best option?

I certainly want individual ink tanks as ink cost is a deciding factor. I have a sort of loyalty to canon and hear they are good but am open to suggestions and opinions. I am currently looking at the canon mp550:

I was talking to a guy in dicksmith who mentioned the canon special photo printers (i am guessing it was the selphy) would use heaps of ink when printing documents as they are always printing at hugh quality. Would i get this with the 550?

r.g.nixon, May 9, 2:28am
A colour laser will be cheaper to run. Don't need flash paper to print basic photos.

sunset28, May 9, 2:44am
any suggestions?

r.g.nixon, May 9, 2:47am
Well, I like our Fuji-Xerox C525 - but that is about 4 years old. I guess there must be a replacement model or near equivalent. It was also produced as a Dell model, with some minor differences.

r.g.nixon, May 9, 2:49am
Not worth it. 12 to 16 cents at Harvey Norman, Norman Ross, Warehouse Stationery etc. Much less hassle. Non-smudging inks. Possibly better paper. No cutting afterwards etc.

sunset28, May 9, 3:07am
true i guess. basically i am mainly printing documents with images added in and the images need to be decent quality as quite a few people look at them. I dont mean like a small business though and i dont mean i am printing huge numbers 8 pages a week or something?
i will do some googling and look into laser printers a bit more, thanks. If anyway else has any comments they would be hugely appreciated

sunset28, May 9, 3:13am
ok just looked in to colour laser printers and dont think it is the best option. They are expensive to buy in the first place and i know that this cost may be off set by printing cost but they are huge. I would prefer it if the pritner sat in the bottom of my desk next to the tower, sorry should have mentioned size before. .

jancemord, May 9, 3:18am
Maybe huge but they are so much better in the long run - I am never buying a Ink Jet again

sunset28, May 9, 3:48am
in what ways are they better? i am guessing you mean due to print cost

hakatere1, May 9, 4:24am
We have a Canon Pixma ip4500 $130 at dse on special a couple of years ago. Goes great and even does cd/dvd labels very professionally. Apart from a brief flirtation with ciss, which was a disaster (could have been my fault as the little ink pads dried in carts causing a flood of black ink in bottom of printer). Now just use generic carts from inkvenus.co.nz for a fraction of the cost. Very happy with it. No scanner though. To scan we use an old Brother that is buggered in the ink department, but scanner still works.

sunset28, May 13, 6:32am
am now looking at this . . it doesnt have a scanner... any opinions keeping in my (i want to print text documents which have several picutres in) http://www.canon.co.nz/en-NZ/sitecore/content/Products/Print

law.house, May 13, 6:43am
Brother HL-2140. Cheap and really good

sunset28, May 13, 9:39am
thanks, but canon loyalty is pulling strong...
Could someone possibly give me an insight into what these "chips"are in ink cartridges? i had a google but dont quite understand what they exactly do or how they work?

nzmu, May 13, 10:34am
Epson have swapped quality for 'pocket friendly'. I am no longer an Epson fan. Brother have pulled their socks up after their printhead disasters of a few years ago and are reasonably economical. Canon's offerings are fair for document style printers, but have the tri-colour carts. HP are my preferred now, although it seems that they occasionally have software issues. I have a photo/cd printer and am extremely happy with it. Have a look at the HP deskjet series (they don't use HP photo quality Vivera ink, so ink is more economical)...

nzmu, May 13, 10:37am
following on... . The HP 6500 is a full mutifunction, wireless, and uses (if I remember), the 920 ink series. The black cart is $62 and prints (5% coverage) 1200 pages, the individual colour carts are about $32 and print something like 600 pages. The quality and speed is similar to laser - which it was pitted against. Oh and it duplexes.

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