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carol113, May 10, 10:45pm
Does anybody know where the cheapest place is to get cards made. A would like to upload my own image to put on the Business cards... Thanks

johnlyn, May 10, 10:46pm
Yep, Vistaprint where you can get free ones. aspx? xnav=welcome

Small fee to upload your own.

carol113, May 10, 10:49pm
Thanks johnlyn

johnlyn, May 10, 11:20pm
I think I gave you the wrong link befor carol113 so try this one

carol113, May 10, 11:34pm
Thanks Johnlyn... looks a good site... So appreciate your help. . Cheers Carol

mattnzw, May 11, 12:30am
I use click business cards. Really good quality, and way better than vsta print, who I have also tried. They are printed in Oz and arrive in NZ in less than a week.

johnlyn, May 11, 12:40am
Good spotting mattnzw, but I've had no problems with them.

mattnzw, May 11, 12:47am
Apart for relatively average quality cards, I also didn't experience the issue others have had with being charged an ongoing fee. However I didn't consider the printing quality very good at all. Also consumer NZ say the following.

Consumer NZ say , quote
Avoid Vistaprint. What seems to be a good deal could really get you involved in a complex, international chain of unexpected credit card charges. There's safer ways to get your business stationery - use a local printer.

The website of the company I use is just upload your card as a PDF, and you can set it up in Adobe illustrator to get a very professional finish.

johnlyn, May 11, 1:06am
Understand, but if you use a prezzy card like credit card you are safe. As for printing quality, you get what you don't pay for I suppose. lol

0800xford, May 11, 1:09am
that alone would put me off using them.

mattnzw, May 11, 1:31am
Thats why I think click business cards is better value. I don't know if it is cheaper, maybe it is after postage as vistas shipping prices are very high, but the print quality of Clicks cards is as good as you can get at a professional printer.

malachiman, May 11, 1:39am
Thanks for that, going to try them out, I need to get some more printed.

mattnzw, May 11, 1:52am
If you email them, they send you samples, and you can see how good the quality is. I went for the mat laminated ones.

johnlyn, May 11, 2:02am
Great! mattnzw, I will try them when I run out of my vistaprint ones.

malachiman, May 11, 2:05am
I did then just after I saw the link. :-)

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