Internet will work but steam wont, dns server help

gj0502, May 11, 3:58am
Like title says my internet will work but steam will not. Says I don't have a connection so ran modem test and it says it's failing to connect to dns servers. What can i do to fix this? see link for picture

http://images. jp

gibler, May 11, 4:01am
opendns is your long lost nephew!

0800xford, May 11, 4:29am
erm, is that your ip address in there mate?

gj0502, May 11, 4:45am
Cant get open dns to work, No thats not my ip, changed my dns to the other xtra ones and it has fixed steam but now gmail isn't working. Thanks for the help though

jcmp21, May 11, 4:46am
Try connecting to say vodafones DNS servers 203. 109. 129. 67 and 203. 109. 129. 68, or try opendns servers 208. 67. 220. 220 and 208. 67. 222. 222

Hmmm have you tried installing mint?

gj0502, May 11, 4:51am
yea the vodafone ones are working on the second computer, currently updating steam so don't want to upset that. should be done soon though so then i will try gmail through this computer. mint? (linux os im guessing? ) Haven't tried it I just stick to xp, does everything I need

0800xford, May 11, 4:54am
bit of a pointless suggestion.
suggesting maybe google's dns servers would have made more sense than that.

jcmp21, May 11, 4:55am
I think you'll find gmail is down rather than vodafones or opendns DNS servers not resolving the address

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