Wanted! Printer software!

haamijones, May 11, 7:11am
Does any one have a Installation CD Rom for "Brother MFC-640CW" I would appreciate a response and happy to purchase it.


drcspy, May 11, 7:12am
seems so obvious it shouldn't need to be mentionedbut


jancemord, May 11, 7:26am

jono2912, May 11, 7:27am
Mmm, next time sell them one.

ashy1, May 11, 8:09am
Oh brother. :)

Try this.

http://welcome. solutions. brother.com/BSC/public/as/au/en/mod
el_top/colormfc/mfc640cw_all.html? reg=as&c=au&lang=e

nizmonut, May 11, 8:11am
google is your friend... or in this case. . not

forkhall, May 12, 1:09am
you can ask a Q here yey cant put the Q to google? ? ?

drcspy, May 12, 1:11am
very very common here... ... . . people dont want to go to the effort of helping themselves and some get quite nasty when you suggest it... . .

forkhall, May 12, 1:39am
cheers drcspy muchos appreciated

ruki1, May 12, 8:20am
Good try. . but not the "cd" asked for in op.

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