check_inn, May 11, 10:07am
Standard last Monday. Tonight I got an email from the buyer asking if it was genuine or not. This was Brand new and sealed never been opened before. Now when I bought laptop 6 months ago I got this software with it and didnt have a clue as to how to use it. I told the guy this and asked him why would you think it is not genuine. He emailed back and said this
Our technician told me that it has all versions in the Disk whereas there should be just one standard version in the disk and also the case is not a new case.
The case was definatly new and sealed. I then emailed him and asked if it has been installed on there computers and I have not heard anything. I did say I would refund him but now im having second thoughts when he said the case was not new. What should I do. If he has installed it can it still be used by someone else. Also it had 5 Client License. Your thoughts please

jcmp21, May 11, 10:09am
The Disk will have all versions on it and the version gets selected at install.

charles.j, May 11, 10:10am
If the case was sealed, Brand new and unopened (the microsoft stickers etc). then i'd say it is legal

tammy.may, May 11, 10:11am
I would say no, Shops do not refund software for this reason unless faulty. He could have easily used key or maybe gotten a better deal on it and wants his money back.

gyrogearloose, May 11, 10:13am
I'm surprised that a purchase of a laptop included Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with a 5 license CAL. I would have expected a laptop purchase would have only included a desktop operating system, and nothing else.

check_inn, May 11, 10:14am
Thanks much appreciated

pyro_sniper2002, May 11, 10:15am
Just out of interest, why did your laptop come with a copy of server 2008, it sounds like a legit copy, just a bit weird.

jcmp21, May 11, 10:17am
I have come across places that have an idiot in the IT dept who have no idea about what they're doing and will make wild assumptions about things. First of all if it was sealed and they are saying it wasn't either one of them is lying or there is a misunderstanding somewhere. Perhaps ask them who it was that received the disk and ask if it was still sealed when they got it handed to them from whoever.

check_inn, May 11, 10:19am
This guy was moving overseas was selling heaps of software and Gaming stuff so I got quite a bundle but also spent quite alot

check_inn, May 11, 10:20am
thanks I will do that because it was definatly new

jcmp21, May 11, 10:21am
Oh you got it off a "guy", like not from a shop or anything?

check_inn, May 11, 10:23am
No not from actual shop but his place looked like a shop he had everything

pyro_sniper2002, May 11, 10:28am
ok, now alarm bells are starting to ring, thats a 1000 dollar bit of software. There are some very convincing fakes out there, especially of office. Sorry to say it could well be couterfit software.

check_inn, May 11, 10:32am
I spent quite a fortune I also got cs4 extended which I have registeredalso windows XP for our Desktop that all registered all updates work so thats why im unsure about the one I sent out. The buyer never said anything about it not working just that it had all versions

jcmp21, May 11, 10:34am
The image normally does and you select the version that you have purchased

michellew2k, May 11, 10:34am
they could be dodgy Asian copies

check_inn, May 11, 10:44am
Oh I hope not. If he had never said that the case was not new I would have refunded him right away. Its just the part where he said the case was not new that is a straight out lie

check_inn, May 11, 10:47am
The pics in my auction was the same one I sent him this is the auction number

jp.r, May 11, 11:05am
There is a tonne of fake microsoft and adobe software around, in saying the case is not new, he could be saying it's not in "new condition" which is quite likely for a poorer quality fake case, when you compared it to a genuine one, you might think it's not new. .

Adobe CS3 or CS4 software is very commonly available from asia at low prices. The story of the original seller getting rid of heaps of software is a reasonably common line as they can then disappear, not return calls etc when you finally figure out it's fake.

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