Thunderbird email not receiving mail

running windows 7 os
with avast anti virus

avast with not allow smtp server to receive mail with incoming mail being scanned. how can i fix this.

geek_holden95, May 11, 10:09 am

SMTP is for outgoing mail,

geek_jcmp21, May 11, 10:11 am

apologies pop server

geek_holden95, May 11, 10:13 am

i can scan going but want to scan incoming also

geek_holden95, May 11, 10:14 am

Scanning email just slows down your computer. All you need running is the 'realtime / on-access / resident' scanner, whatever it is called.

geek_r.g.nixon, May 11, 10:21 am

Its probably got IMAP server on it, which you have to manually change to POP server, I had same problem and got the help from the Thunderbird website to change it so that I could receive and send mail.

geek_goldenwillow, May 11, 8:56 pm

thanks golden willow, that is not the problem worked out changing from imap to pop, Its the avast email scanner that will not allow email to receive, turn it off perfect.

geek_holden95, May 12, 7:34 am