"power adapter" , "power supply" same meaning?

I am unsure if those words "power apdapter" and "power supply" give the same meaning or not... . Or power supply is a little hardware built inside the laptop? ... . Just like for desktop, power supply is the little box that inside the big box(CPU)... . cheers

geek_bidtolast, May 11, 11:49 pm

I guess it could be depending on the context its used in

geek_jcmp21, May 12, 12:05 am

thanks for replying. .
here the link, that a seller say...
http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing. aspx? id=288332347

geek_bidtolast, May 12, 12:10 am

Why don't you ask the seller to clarify?

geek_dunedin_ree, May 12, 12:14 am

oh i really did, but now he must going to sleep... . just feel like to ask here for quick answer... Sorry if that annoying you...

geek_bidtolast, May 12, 12:19 am

All power adapters are considered a power supplies, but not all power supplies has to be a power adapters! easy ;)

geek_smoothjazz, May 12, 1:13 am

oooo thats matrix stuff right there

geek_jcmp21, May 12, 1:15 am

If it usually runs on batteries, the adaptor lets you run it from a wall outlet.

geek_ruki1, May 12, 2:04 am


An "adapter" is normally an "extra"power supply unit that can be used externally (hence the name "adapter") or simply an "external" power supply unit.

"Power supply" is a generic name for a power supply unit but most commonly refered to as an "internal" power supply unit, perticulery when being used regarding computers

geek_mrfxit, May 12, 7:40 am

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing. aspx? id=288332347

In this perticuler example, it would refer to the power supply "adapter" (external)

99% of modern laptops don't have a convential psu built in to them, hence needing an external power source or internal battery pack

geek_mrfxit, May 12, 7:45 am

thank you... I understood it now. .

geek_bidtolast, May 12, 10:33 am

Hi There ... . sorry to disagree... . with the above ... but most notebooks have a PSU inside them ... . this is to converter the voltage down to the two key DC voltage a notebook (or any other computer needs) 12V and 5V. You will notice most external adapters are way more than 12V ... usually 16 - 19V. This is to allow as much current as possible to the device so it does not get a huge voltage drop and struggle when it needs to trim the voltage down to 12V or 5V.

The external adaptor is a simple AC bridge rectifier with a step down board to the pre determined DC (direct current) voltage

Now with a big computer (desktop or server or whatever) the PSU s called a switched power supply and there are some large heat sinks in this unit ... as all the switching of the AC current is done from 110 or 240 then converted both into DC and the required 12V or 5V supply.
Hope this helps

geek_diamond_36, May 13, 9:48 am

LOLdiamond_36, now who's nit picking

ALL devices have an internal psu 'as you have described' of some sort, altho for the modern internal laptop "psu" system is as you have described & is more of a voltage splitter/converter/regulater, built integral within the device rather then an external power supply unit
My description simply ignores that technicality & uses the KISS principal to describe it in laymans terms

Which is what was asked for!

geek_mrfxit, May 13, 10:28 am