Vodafone 3G - Gateway timeout error

wenpen, May 11, 9:12pm
I'm with Vodafone 3G wireless net work, and been plagued with this error for two days. I think as a result trademe pictures are not loading for me. Grrrrrr any way around this! ! I've run my cleaner, defragmented, and nothing.

Has anyone else had this happen lately?

Is there a fix?

0800xford, May 11, 9:24pm
is it a known vodafone issue?
is trademe the only site that behaves this way?
what is this "cleaner" you speak of?

kevin16, May 11, 9:29pm
gamer-speak, . . lol

0800xford, May 11, 9:33pm
maybe it's what they use to scrape cankers of horse nuts

http://images2. fanpop.com/images/photos/3200000/Funny-Horse-
animal-planet-3294859-600-401. jpg

wenpen, May 11, 11:55pm
C-Cleaner, you guys recommended it to me for clearing files etc. I've never had this issue before, I'm only 200 mtrs from the vodafone tower. Must be at their end! !

0800xford, May 12, 12:02am
i think they are having issues today.
typo @ #4 "off" not of...

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