Converting a document from works to word

whqqsh, May 12, 10:38am
is this possible, ive got works on my computer & all my CV etc in that format so when I send it out almost everyone cant open it as they have word. Any tips on what I can do... apart from installing word, or if I do would I have to remove works altogether

radiowaves, May 12, 10:40am
Why not send it out as a pdf?

gyrogearloose, May 12, 10:42am
or, in second place, RTF?

pcmaster, May 12, 10:45am
thats odd, most versions of word (well from 2000 upwards anyway) will read works files, but it usually asks for the cd to install the converter.

whqqsh, May 12, 10:53am
still got to download a programme by the looks of it & then on sites that offer to do it its one page at a time (thatll take ages) then they want my email to send it to (been caught out like that before & virused all to hell)

whqqsh, May 12, 10:53am
havent found anyone yet with word that can

r.g.nixon, May 12, 10:56am
Go-Oo (it is a cleverer version of Openoffice) will read WPS files.

Anyway print it to a PDF file.
There are plenty of good free PDF writers.

dunedin_ree, May 12, 10:56am
1. Send out as an . rtf
2. Download cutepdf and "print to" pdf.

No respectable workplace uses Works.

pcmaster, May 12, 11:04am
depends how they're attempting to do it

if they're simply dettaching it from an email and double clicking, it wont work
they have to open word with the default blank template loaded, then 'open a document' but change the 'type' to a works file, instead of the default . doc or . docx, it then asks to load the converter and if its your first time it also asks for the cd.

pcmaster, May 12, 11:05am
but yeah as others have said, pdfs are easier, and almost nobody has works anymore.

whqqsh, May 12, 11:41am
have done, works great, thanks heaps... as for those that are saying how shit works is & no ones uses it, well for what Ive needed it for its been ok however word in my previous computer was better but its what I bought the computer with & apart from this issue had no reason to change & now even less lol

little_egypt, May 12, 8:05pm
My suggestion:
- Save ALL of your existing documents as RTF.
- Remove works, Install go-oo
- Set go-oo to save as doc by default

Any time you need to send someone a document from now on, save it as doc (if they need to be able to edit it) or pdf (if they only need to be able to read it).

No need to convert all the rtf's to doc right away though, go-oo will work with rtf's just fine.

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