Acer laptop over heating

beer24, May 14, 7:34am
Yes very hot and shuts down any ideas (Help)

r.g.nixon, May 14, 7:38am
Remove dust.

nizmonut, May 14, 8:46am
get the dust removed and get a lap table for. your not the only complaint about acer laptops, they seem to over heat considerably earlier then asus/dell etc

beer24, May 14, 8:46am
Not trying to sound thick but I have removed all screws from back of pc but just wont come apart ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

jcmp21, May 14, 8:55am
I wouldn't take it apart yourself unless you are good at that kind of thing. Its really easy to break stuff and look afterwards and go "oh that's what was holding it together"

johnf_456, May 14, 9:03am
To be honest you dont know what your doing, you will probably do more harm that good. Take it to someone who knows what they are doing. No offense.

beer24, May 14, 9:06am
Thanks johnf 456 will take to shop and the wife will be happy lol

0800xford, May 14, 9:38am
nice time to quote a quotable methinks

"once the case is open you can see how you really should have dismantled it! "

partial creds at #6 too ;)

pyro_sniper2002, May 14, 9:42am
Acers are usually not too bad to take apart... In fact none of them are, just damn fiddly. Just take photos as you go, so you can see how it goes back together. Chances are if you have a look around the net you will find a tear down manual for it.

malachiman, May 14, 9:52am
Remove the Acer sticker and replace it with either Asus or Toshiba, the laptop will feel so great about it self, it will stop self harming.

deus701, May 14, 9:55am
get a laptop cooling pad

0800xford, May 14, 10:02am
malachiman just made a million, no, a squillion dollars

sandralg, May 14, 10:10am
How good is your laptop battery? When I had lots of problems with my Acer, including overheating, it was because the battery was stuffed. Got a new battery and tidy up and it's going great now.

jcmp21, May 14, 10:30am
Yea thats what i was trying to get at lol.
dam my engrish

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