Totally relevant computer ACER q.

jussa, May 15, 12:38am
i have an old acer aspire 3500 that blew its guts. . (wont turn on for more than a minute and also the screen is broken). .
and a second hand 3500.
although my other aspire blew up, i am pretty sure the internal cards (whatever you call them) are better than the ones i have on my second hand one.
now is it possible to take this into the store (both of them) and tell the tech head to export the graphics card, memory and hard drive and put them onto my second hand aspire? . .
is that possible? will that cost me hundreds to get done?

0800xford, May 15, 12:39am
it is possible and is unlikely to costs "hundreds"
but it depends if the hardware is compatible and depends on if any other problems are encounter during the process.

shrapz, May 15, 12:40am
ram and hard drive yes, graphics card no, if they are the same model laptop you can just pull the chips and hdd out and put it straight into the second hand one and it should fire up no probs, easy to do yourself

jussa, May 15, 12:42am
why not graphics card... i cant export/import that?

r.g.nixon, May 15, 12:42am
Exporting is good. NZ needs to export more!

0800xford, May 15, 12:42am
because it's soldered onto the mainboard.

jussa, May 15, 12:44am
i was asking shrapz... 0800saidhewouldnthelp-

0800xford, May 15, 12:45am
voted asp
x? id=285912 asp
x? id=288074

jussa, May 15, 12:46am

jussa, May 15, 12:48am
i try to be nice to you, and thankful for all your help. . cant help it if im a loving person. . and u sh! t on me -why because i show an inch of gratitude? . . pfft. . nmind. . anyway. . keep voting me... if it makes u feel better...

ok. . back to the TOPIC. .

so if i needed a new graphics card,
would i have to buy a new one. . since i cant export?

0800xford, May 15, 12:52am
why are you swearing?

jussa, May 15, 1:16am
sigh*... really wish ud just leave me alone now. .

so anyway... if i needed a new graphics card,
would i have to buy a new one. . since i cant export?

0800xford, May 15, 1:23am

jussa, May 15, 1:25am
lol. . now who's being childish;)

seriouslycgi, May 15, 1:31am
if its a laptop, just forget the word graphics card, most of them cant be upgraded or changed, and if you did it wouldnt be an improvement anyway. cpu, ram, hdd, battery as a spare, dvd/cdrom (if compatible and better)

seriouslycgi, May 15, 1:32am
sell your old one for like $100 on trademe someone will be able to fix it, if it runs for even a minute then its fixable.

jussa, May 15, 1:37am
cool thanks for that:)

seriouslycgi, May 15, 1:40am
compare prices, there are always people looking for parts. or whole systems/machines to fix

seriouslycgi, May 15, 1:49am
is the screen cracked or dim? the screen is usually a very expensive part to fix but sometimes it can be a loose cable. id say the fans arent working, maybe full of dust or just worn out, and its shutting down from heat, especially if you used it a lot on the bed.

jussa, May 15, 2:01am
its cracked. .
i left it on for like 3 months straight. . lol. . thats why it overheats. . but i didnt know. the screen had broken so i plugged it up to a monitor. . but when i put my desktop back into monitor i forgot to turn off laptop. . it went unnoticed . . yeah for like 3 months. . lol

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