woot woot!...good adsl filters...at lst...aaaaaaah

olack, May 7, 7:36am
Woot woot!...good adsl filters...at lst...aaaaaaah ...3 x download speeds. The type that has 4 pins in the telephone bit that slots into the RJ11(telephone wall)socket. It's been 4 years, now, finally. And now I downloaded a file 3 X faster than ever before @ 262Kbps.

jancemord, May 7, 7:41am
Where did you buy them from

olack, May 7, 8:41am
This is funny...hang on, no its not...I want another filter like it and the Sky TV setup guy installed it with the digital TV! It has no label. Ask at SkyTV technical somewhere...

olack, May 7, 8:44am
Btw it is a single adapter filter for a modem... ...cable that accepts the modem connector then the other end of it slots into the RJ11 wall socket. It has 4 metal contacts and all the others I have seen have 2 contacts.

spyware, May 7, 10:52am
Wall sockets in NZ are generally BT (British Tele com). RJ11 is never used.

spyware, May 7, 10:53am
Slow aye man, I get 11965 kbps down. .

intrade, May 7, 8:13pm
The question is what internet conection? with a 265kdps speed limit like i currently still have the max download rate is 34kb i soon will get 1600kdps as this is what my line is likely maxing out on.

olack, May 8, 8:30am
This is max up and down intrade ...woot again all day...I may even woot again tomorrow if this is going to keep up.

badcam, May 8, 8:46am
HOw exactly are your filters set up? How many do you have and what's connected to each phone socket?

olack, May 8, 9:29am
Hm, thats a long story to tell you... ok, burgular alarm, don't know if it is connected or not, 2 telephone sockets, one with the alarm filter in it with a telephone line filter then the wire less telephone, a router to another wall socket with the most excellent filter the sky chappie left for the sky tv which is doing much much better where it is now, and a seconf wireless wirelessing to the 1st wireless phone.

olack, May 8, 9:33am
And the bug alarm is connected to that 1st wall... socket to a filter looking thing. The 4 pins are on the wide telephone plug that goes into the socket. I think it is those 4 pins that are making the difference.

badcam, May 8, 9:36am
And you didn't get a splitter installed? ?

olack, May 8, 1:14pm
It aint my house badman... ...but we did have telcom tech here and he aimed his head at what I wondered what was and he said it looked like a splitter, high on the wall of the house with its cover off...he said the rain would affect it...I said I hope not...he said...lol...anyhow...

olack, May 8, 1:16pm
...wow, getting faster and faster...up to 1200Kbps ..I am up all night and all tomorrow...damn...

olack, May 8, 1:47pm
.... 1216...

phil_boy, May 8, 6:56pm
4.5mbps... http://www.speedtest.net/result/268997577.png

peepme, May 8, 8:09pm
Re... i doubt very much that anyone gets over 1000kbps download speed at all UNLESS they have adsl2+.

peepme, May 8, 8:27pm
Re... i just checked my own speed just in case it had gone up,it peeks at 950kbps.Average is about 920

spyware, May 8, 10:24pm
I had 8000 kbps down under ADSL1 since connected 2001. Please don't confuse kBps (kilo BYTES per second) and kbps (kilo bits per second). 1000 kBps = 8000 kbps.

spyware, May 8, 10:27pm
Since adsl routers aren't filtered and only use filter for its inbuilt rj11 to BT adapter maybe you could toss filter and simply buy an rj11 to bt adapter from dick smith.

olack, May 8, 10:58pm
Or... http://www.speedtest.net/result/269086188.png

olack, May 8, 11:35pm
It is the burgular alram that is upsetting the.. ..connection. It has a splitter, pretty sure, thats what telecom tech guessed. the alarm has a filter and the telephone filter has to be plugged into it. Other setups and the speeds drop alot.

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