Acer Emachines E630 touch pad not working

just bought the laptop a few days ago from smiths city, opened the box think its done configuring etc etc, got it working fineon Friday night, now when I try to move the mouse around on the touch pad it doesnt seem to move at all, and the l/r clickers dont want to work either, its OS is Windows 7, have been into the mouse settings and it comes up with "this device is working correctly" its a bit of a pain to be honest, and have checked through youtube to see if there's any other ways around it. Any help would be much appriciated.


geek_lass1, May 16, 12:41 pm

have you disabled the touchpad?
have you installed drivers for it? [does it need them? ]
do you have a usb mouse connected?


geek_0800xford, May 16, 12:50 pm

will just go and check if theres is a Cd with drivers on it etc etc, no mouse is connected, will be in futures, as Im not a big fan of the touchpads, dont think ive disabled the touchpad, where would I have to look for that?

geek_lass1, May 16, 12:53 pm

probably the control panel possibly in the bios, check your disc first, then check their site.

geek_0800xford, May 16, 12:56 pm

dont seem to have a disc, with it, have gone through the BIOS and nothing needs updating so it seems... internet website maybe to find some drivers? ? Im a bit lost you could say.

geek_lass1, May 16, 1:07 pm

or it could be a combination of keys ... . usually an FN key and one of the F keys (look at the little "icons/pictures" on the keys)

geek_soodanim, May 16, 1:10 pm

Aw come on! ! you were Right All along Todd
I had the Touchpad disabled all along! Just shows you how illiterate I am

geek_lass1, May 16, 1:12 pm

Its been doing my head in for awhile now, thank you both for your help, I must have accidentally pressed it at some point in time. how embarrassing.

geek_lass1, May 16, 1:15 pm

No worries :)

geek_soodanim, May 16, 1:16 pm

heh, no problemo

geek_0800xford, May 16, 1:17 pm

you're supposed to use the mouse on the TABLE or the MOUSE PAD ... ... ... . you use your FINGER on the touch pad

geek_drcspy, May 16, 1:42 pm

I am having the same problem with my touch pad. Can you tell me how you got it working again... i cant see where to go to see if the touch pad is disabled.

geek_may321, May 16, 5:01 pm

On my e-machine, its the button next to the power button at the top of the screen - when you look at it closely it shows a pic of a finger on a, umm, touchpad.

Embarrasingly, I obviously disabled it and eventually went out and bought a wireless mouse... But not the most obvious button to press, and when looking into the issue I thought that there would be some software to allow it to be enabled again...

geek_greg, Aug 19, 4:31 am

Thanks for clearing that up, saved me looking like a fool with the tech guy at work tomorrow. Must have hit the disable button by accident

geek_niamh, Dec 13, 11:52 am

near the power button, there is a button showing a finger on a touch pad.If if is disabled it will have a light on. to enable it, just Press it again

geek_esther, Feb 22, 12:05 am