Acer 6503 wont boot up.

Running vista. Newish computer. Managed to get to options for safe mode, with command promt, safe mode with networking or start windows normally. Does not matter which option I choose it appears to start up then just have a blank screen with mouse pointer? Wont turn off have to pull battery and just says windows didnt shut down etc and those start up options appear again. Any ideas and help would be appreciated. Its a 6530 sorry

geek_lancef, May 16, 3:33 pm

what were you last doing with it?

geek_0800xford, May 16, 3:56 pm

Misses says when she finished and shut down it said dont as was installingupdates. So she let it insall them so it shut down after doing that.

geek_lancef, May 16, 4:19 pm

geek_drcspy, May 16, 4:22 pm

ouch, the dreaded "i installed windows updates and now can't boot my computer" thing

do you have your windows install disc, or access to one that matches your version of windows?

geek_0800xford, May 16, 4:23 pm

Didnt get discs will try drcspy link.

geek_lancef, May 16, 4:45 pm

you'll hopefully be able to use them [or it] to use the recovery console.

geek_0800xford, May 16, 4:46 pm

isnt it cheeky how manufacturers get you to burn your own, if you know how/remember!

geek_amieward, May 16, 6:23 pm

i reckon it SUCKS that you don't get a windows install disc when you purchase a new computer.

geek_0800xford, May 16, 6:30 pm

depends on the computer... ...

I got a recovery cd (and partition) with my asus laptop... ... . . since dumped the partition it's nto someting I need... ... .

geek_drcspy, May 16, 6:32 pm

and acquiring versions of windows is trivial anyway

geek_drcspy, May 16, 6:33 pm