Printer cant be plugged into shared socket..

sunset28, May 16, 6:43am
so i bought a new printer and it says. . "Never plug the machine into a power socket that is shared with other equipment (extension lead/cord, 2 or 3 way adapter, etc)". What is the reason for this?

Devices to plug in are: printer, speakers, monitor, broadband modem and the tower. I have a double socket on the wall, currently one socket has the broadband modem in and the other socket has a 4 plug multi board (which has the speakers, monitor and the tower) plugged into it. I am asuming if i studied the manual for the broadband modem etc it would also dont plug into a shared point. .

gibler, May 16, 6:45am
they are just covering their backside...

sunset28, May 16, 7:00am
how are they covering their backside?

malachiman, May 16, 7:25am
You read the manual

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