Silly wireless printer question

kaiser2, May 17, 11:23am
My laptop is wireless capable, but I haven't gone wireless at home yet so it's hooked up to the net via an ethernet cable. My question is : if I buy a wireless printer will I be able to print wirelessly with my present setup, or will I have to go wireless with my laptop first?

jcmp21, May 17, 11:35am
You can keep your cable connection to the laptop (I'm not sure why you would though)

trevix2k, May 17, 8:59pm
wireless printer as in a bluetooth printer? or a standalone printer( no computer needed)?

kaiser2, May 18, 10:54am
Not a bluetooth printer. Just a stand-alone wireless printer that I can keep in another room where it will be out of my way?

gyrogearloose, May 18, 11:32am
The first part you need is a wireless router, either buy one or ask your ISP if they would mind sending you a free ADSL2+ modem with wireless-G router (ie; 1 box instead of the modem and wireless router.

Once you have configured the wireless router using your laptop, you would be able to use the laptop wirelessly, and print wirelessly.

richms, May 18, 11:33am
They usually come configured as an adhoc network that you can change to connect to a proper wireless network.

I dont know if you can set them up securely on the adhoc network to allow printing or if it is strictly configuration only.

The neighbour has one and it makes a network called "HP setup" - not enough signal for me to connect to it to see if I can print out some porn for them.

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