The traffic difference when using AdBlock Plus...

biker_69, May 18, 2:42am
Just did a wee test to see the difference in traffic for using Adblock Plus here on TradeMe compared to blocking nothing.

Opening five of the same pages (clearing the cache each time) it was 450kB to 125kB. So 325kB or 72% of traffic was junk. Astonishing. Admittedly, I have my filters cutting it pretty lean (even to the point of no stars or exclamation marks next to feedback and to hell with Kevin) but that's still a lot of overhead.

cessna3, May 18, 2:50am
You should use flashblock as well

vtecintegra, May 18, 2:51am
Not really necessary, Adblock Plus is good at blocking Flash ads too.

flewy, May 18, 5:19am
not much when most ads are images and most of tm apart from auctions is text.

amieward, May 18, 5:32am
I found a similar effect, since becoming a student and having a 1gB cap, then 64kbps for 30days a month. I regularly have images turned off, or at the minimum noscript. Its even slower than 1996 with a 33. 6k modem otherwise!

biker_69, May 18, 6:23am
I'm on dialup and wondered why people thought they needed BB just to surf TradeMe! Now I know...

johnf_456, May 18, 8:42am
Doesn't suprise me, been using adp for donkeys years. Saves a lot on mobile data usage when Ive had to resort to it. Its all the flash and changing images on adverts that eat bandwidth

johnf_456, May 18, 8:45am
Yerp, but back then websites were designed for 56k connections. Now days you need broadband just to load sites cause they are so bloated. Reminds me of when I was lad at high school and my IT teacher going on and on about resizing images to make them really small so they load fast on 56k or slow connections lol.

biker_69, May 19, 5:22am
I went to a site recently that was 3. 5MB just for the homepage. I couldn't believe it- there was nothing special about it - no shockwave or animated gifs - just a few pictures and they seemed to take forever to diisplay... line by line. So I saved the pictures... there were some that were 10. 7MP (2904x3791 - portrait) that only displayed at 280x366 on the page. LOL

johnf_456, May 19, 5:25am
Not surprised at all, some web designers have no clue.

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