How to check Vodafone usage on-line? Thanks.

barrie2, May 18, 7:21am
Please remind me how to check on my usage of mobile vodafone connection (for b/band). Vodafone on-line - sms - 777 - bal!
Somewhere there is the answer I need. Please put it is simple terms as I want to keep within my limit. Thanks.

knoxy2006, May 18, 9:44am
yes from what I understand you send balance to a number, amybe the one you suggest. Also can you not ask them to limit you so you don't go over. I caught the last of target tonight and people were getting $1000 bils for going over. Seems very expensive if you go over... Vodaphone reimburst those people who complained to Target and said that they were going thru retaining of staff and redoing their brochures as there are some short falls. Best to monitor it VERY carefully.

pcmaster, May 18, 9:51am
tuc should work with vodafone

tintop, May 18, 9:59am
Txt 'bal' to 777. or

go to > my vodafone > (login) > manage your account > select service that you require.

After 18 months Vf have finally got their data tracking sorted out. There was a period where it was not possible to track use of the $10 double data allocation. If you went over the allocation charges were 50c a megabite. Yep - $512 a gb! The Vf forum was quite hot there for a while.

flewy, May 18, 10:01am
text "myaddons" to 756

barrie2, May 18, 9:10pm
Thanks guys. Finally got it - I click on Vodafone symbol, > Vodafone Mobile Connect, > Vodafone SMS, > 'New' at top left corner, Create New SMS, send to 777 the word 'Bal'. Maybe a long way round but got my result. Thanks. My contract is for only 1GB but I am shown my allowance is 1024MB, is this right? My last 2 bills have only just exceeded the 1GB (or 1024MB? ) using 1093 and 1098 so I had to pay for the 2nd GB but only used a fraction of it. In future if I know I have gone over I can use most of that 2nd GB. (Only $10 extra).

tintop, May 18, 10:31pm
Yep Barry

You got it. That's another way.

1024kb = 1. 0mb,
1024mb = 1. 0gb

If you go over the 2nd gb, cost is now 10c / mb. Not cheap, but better than the 50c they used to caharge.

billybob57, May 20, 8:33am
I'm using prepay , they text me im about to go over do I want to topup another 100MB for 10$ idid and it topped me up , 2 days later it did the usual topup of $10 , was I ripped off lol , do they add on what I topped up previous 2 days befor?

billybob57, May 20, 8:35am
ordid it just top up to 100mb on the usual topup, If its just that I think its a bit deceptive

tintop, May 21, 6:01am
Best place for those questions is forum.

3 or 4 Vf staffers are regularly on the forum and can sort all queries.

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