Power point on PC to Mac?

If I make a PP presentation on my PC at home, put it on my flash drive thingy, if I then put it on a Mac, will it work on it?

It may be a very stupid question, but I'm a technoklutz - we have a PP due at College soon & it would be so much easier if I can do it at home & take it to the Mac. Other option is load everything (images) on my Flash thing & then put it on Mac & make PP on that.
Hope someone can help.
P. S. Don't ask me anything technical - I probably won't know the answer!

Just asked this over in computing/games, the consensus seems to be that it will work as long as I keep it simple, so what do you in here think?

geek_cronezone, May 19, 8:31 pm

What version of Powerpoint is on each computer?

geek_dunedin_ree, May 19, 8:43 pm

the one on my PC is 2003, no idea what the mac one is though.

geek_cronezone, May 19, 9:38 pm

Find out. If it's more recent than 2003 you'll need to "Save as" ppt 2003 (. ppt, not . pptx) on the Mac.

Stick to common fonts and avoid fancy effects.

geek_dunedin_ree, May 19, 9:47 pm

Ok, cheers for that.

geek_cronezone, May 19, 9:57 pm

Hello, PowerPoint presentations from PC cannot be viewed on Mac, here are 2 ways for you.
1. Converting your PowerPoint presentationt to video formats that Mac supported. Here are 5 ways for you.
2. Uploading your presnetation to slide sharing webistes, like http://www.slideshare.net. If there are sound, video,and animations on your presentation, I suggest you use the first way.

geek_sarena, Jun 1, 9:59 pm

That's way the bessett answer so far!

geek_guest, Dec 12, 9:46 am