Windows mobile 6.5 and Vodafone anyone??

hapukanz, May 20, 6:25am
Anyone using wm 6. 5 and are on Vadafone?

I upgraded my PDA ( imate Jam) to Windows Mobile 6. 5 but cannot seem to be able to use the Vodafone options of HOTLINK CHECK BALANCE etc... I cannot find it anywhere? ?
any ideas or is there an app I can download?


hapukanz, May 20, 7:13am
anyone? ? ?

dice4, May 21, 2:29am
ring vodafone

linzis, May 21, 3:47am
You need to send a TXT to 262, and name of bank in message
ie ASB, BNZ, TSB, Kiwibank
You will get a response from Vodafone if your phone is compatible with Hotlink service.
Not all mobile phns despite being on prepay are compatible.

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