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sighkick, May 21, 4:20am
Does anyone know where I may find a service manual for the Toshiba Satellite A300 series?

I have been given a laptop that is dead due to a cup of coffee being spilt in the works and am going to try and revive it.

Some indication as to how to open the darn thing (without damaging it further) would be really great. I think it has Vista on it (very worn labels so hard to read the COA) with an Intel Centrino CPU.

malachiman, May 21, 4:23am
the Toshiba website

sighkick, May 21, 4:28am
Hi there malachiman - I have already found a USERS manual but buggered if I can find a SERVICE manual.

The Users Manual is no good for what I want to do. If you do find an actual link to what I want, please hit me with it and call me names if you like. I can't find it ;(

malachiman, May 21, 4:41am
yep, thats why I killed my post, I realised you said service manual :p

malachiman, May 21, 4:43am
Hey does this help you?

blenheim-trader, May 21, 4:46am
could try here php? what=search2

malachiman, May 21, 4:46am
Yeah I looked there, but it just had a circuit diagram

d.snell, May 21, 4:49am
I'm sure the keyboard just pops out on these things. Along the top edge of the keyboard there are 3 tabs. Use a fine screwdriver blade and pop them out and up. Then keyboard lifts out. If spillage, probably glued down with sugar. Remove keyboard ribbon by lifting end tabs together on socket and ribbon should just fall out. Once it's out you will see the screws through the metal sheild. You can remove that from the top as well. .

gibler, May 21, 5:09am
+1. For some reason Toshiba service manuals are hard to find. Thos take apart guides are the best...

julmar, May 21, 5:16am
Mine is A200 series I think... I found a site with pictures showing the disection of it. Off to look. I will return

julmar, May 21, 5:20am
see the site has already been covered. . It has info for loads of models. Need a keyboard replacement for mine. . Just not in budget yet :(

julmar, May 21, 5:25am pdf/downl

try this. .

sighkick, May 21, 5:34am
@julmar - bummer, tried downloading manual (after enabling Javascript on that page) and I get:

Client error!
Download not possible!

If you can find that manual I would set up an FTP so you could upload it for me.

p. s. I only need the X key as that one is missing. Anyone got a spare X key? (for a Toshiba Satellite A300 Series of course ;)

d.snell, May 21, 6:00am
So is it just a keyboard key that is faulty or missing? I thought it was dead?

julmar, May 21, 6:10am
ive got it, its not a manual showing how to pull it apart though, its details of the parts and wiring etc

julmar, May 21, 6:11am
this one posted earlier shows how to pull it apart

julmar, May 21, 6:13am
hint for searching google... if you can't find what your looking for. . always hit the "images" tab across the top of google. Often find things that way. Thats how I found the manual

julmar, May 21, 6:20am
and just to hijack this thread a little. I am looking for a mega MEGA cheap keyboard for mine! ! here is the modle if anyone has something that might work. . happy to trade in jewellery lol

model is toshiba a200 psaf

Mine is the metal one, but don't mind if the replacement isn't

sighkick, May 21, 6:42am

Thanks, I missed that post earlier. I now see pretty pictures and will give it a go.

p. s. great idea to check the images in Google.

malachiman, May 21, 7:59am
You said I can hit you if I found it for you. Instead of that, I dare you to buy and actually plug in something electrical that olack is selling, something that has "test ok" in the title lol

sighkick, May 21, 8:06am

You are a cruel cruel man :-)

zaowl, May 21, 9:09am
Sighkick... I can't give you the maintenance manual, but, I can give you some advice. When disassembling a laptop, start at the base. Flip it over and remove all the screws lining them up on your bench in the order they came out. Remove all screws you see and line them up according to where they came from. . if there are a couple under the battery, put them on the battery so you know to put them back before putting the battery back in. . Flip it over, remove the keyboard and strip cover if applicable, and remove screws under keyboard, again keeping track of where they came from. At this stage, assuming all screws are removed the top cover will come off giving you access to the internal components. Cont...

zaowl, May 21, 9:15am
At this stage often times clips holding the case together also come onto play, if you have a wedge tool made of plastic it will save your fingernails... mine are almost daily munted because I choose the fingernail option :(. You need to release any plastic clips that might be holding the case together. Beyond that you will have full access and an indication as to how severe the spill is. In the model you are asking about, the top cover has to be removed before you can remove the LCD assembly.

zaowl, May 21, 9:22am
For anyone who might wonder why it is important to lay the screws out and put them back correctly, there are two reasons I can think of. .
1. the least destructive, a screw too long gets put back and you end up with a "nipple" in the case. Not destructive but I would not want to explain that to a customer.
2. And I have seen this... A screw that is too long is put into the base that is the wrong size and it pierces the mainboard. Laptop DEAD!

julmar, May 21, 8:51pm
Yeah and never turn ot over on a shiney surface toe shake the screws out lmao. Learnt that the hard way the first time I tried to get my keyboard out to see if I could "tire kick" fix it.

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