HELP Printer question please

ziggy16, May 22, 3:40am
I know there is a way to tell how much ink is left in your ink catridge but I just can't seem to find it now I have windows vista, anyone know it used to bring up a picture that showed you the levels in the colour & B&W ones? Thanks

drcspy, May 22, 6:32am
depends on the functions installed when you installed your printer... ... ... goto the makers site/support page and type in yoru printer model then look for some download that'll be useful a 'monitor' or similar

ziggy16, May 22, 6:47am
OK thanks but forget all that now I just went and bought new ink but you know how you install the new cartridges and you then scan the print out page well my scanner doesn't seem to be working I can't get it to scan, the on button just flashes when I press scan what on earth is wrong now, just when you need a kids assignment done by Monday this happens Grr I have a hp 1210 all in one I'm not that great with computers and things so please explain as though I know nothing as that would be right thanksThanks

biggal, May 22, 7:08am
I had an hp2910 and you can get a ink remaining indication. I sold my 1210 some time ago but I will see if I can recall how to get to it.
Be back

biggal, May 22, 7:27am
I can't recall the procedure but you have to go to "Printer and Faxes"and "Print Procedures' and you should be able to print a test page which will tell all. Sorry I can't be more explicit. Make sure you have the correct printer selected as default.

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