Dlink printer server psu

mycool87, May 24, 6:33am
Does anyone know where you can buy 5v 2. 5a power adapters.
We use dlink print servers at work. We go through a stage where the psu's fry. We used to have to buy new dlink print servers. Then I found a psu I could buy a tradetech. I see they have now discontiuned this. This is the item http://www.tradetech.co.nz/shop/Consumer+%26+Miscellaneous+P

mycool87, May 24, 6:34am
The psu replacing this item is useless as it has more amps, which would possibly fry the print server.

dougstringer, May 24, 7:33am
http://www.cstuff.co.nz/product. pasp? categoryid=117&prod

diamond_36, May 24, 8:14am
you can also try these multi DC and Apm output AC switched power supplies.
Multi-voltage AC adaptors
MP-3131these are adjustable for 3, 4, 5, 6, 6. 5, 7 VDC
and fixed at 2. 5Amp

In my opinion these will last longer as they are capable of stepping up to 7 VDC ... . so 5VDC is about 75% of its design max.
They are available at www.jaycar.co.nz

see how you go.

poohy99, May 25, 12:38am
Just get a Jaycar MP-3236, 5V at 2 A. I have one of those Dlink print server units and just measured the draw - less than 0. 5 amp so there is plenty of room.

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