word files very slow to open from network share

chessman, May 8, 3:23am
Word files very slow to open from network share got several computers networked running xp pro sp2, one has been set up as a file server and is running mirrored raid on 2x 500gb hdd's. all client computers have mapped the same network share from the server and use it to store and share data. however one of the client computers takes forever to open word or excel files directly from the mapped network share. Other computers open the files straight away without any probs. Browsing the network share seems to be fine, no problems copying files to the local computer. however changing file propertes, or even just going into the properties for a file on the network share is also slow. other computers on the same network dont have this prob, just the one computer. any advice to fix this prob?

tessal, May 8, 3:47am
The client computer that takes forever are the hardware spec's of this similar or same as the other clients..is it running identical install as the others, is it your kids pc that is the slow client..if you view taskmanager on all clients..is the slow client running a process the others arent..is the network wired or wireless..process of elimination would be a good start..

phillbit, May 8, 4:21am
I dont have a problem. i have a file server and server with maped drives and they not slow at all. what verson of office u running

chessman, May 8, 5:29am
Office 2007 is being used the client computers are laptops except for the server which is a desktop and higher spec. all being used in an office environment so no kids accessing anything! the laptops are hp, not sure of model but they are all installed the same. only difference is the laptop in question (slow to open word files)is also providing internet access to the network thru a pcmcia vodafone card with ics enabled. all clients and the server have static ip addresses. maybe the problem is with the ics?

chessman, May 8, 5:34am
The whole network is hardwired thru a 100mbit hub, all laptops are using docking stations and wireless is disabled. i havent checked the task manager for processes etc... but laptops are runing nortons internet security which could also be a problem?

tessal, May 8, 5:49am
#4... yup,indeed it is chess..your poor lappy providing ics is definately a worry..best idea would be to move your ics over too your server..and enable dhcp, let the server set the ips on all machines..i know the pcmcia card you are using..hmm only option i guess is to install a pcmcia adapter to your server PC and run your ics off that box. and yeah, nortons will be filtering alot hence the slow down on app tasks ...

tessal, May 8, 5:53am
I understand why you ics off the laptop,cause vodaphony dunt provide a router option other than there lame pcmcia setup...maybe someone will know of the hardware that will allow you too plug your pcmcia card into your server box.

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