Can anyone help me with this Error 103 prob? :-)

I am trying to install a Disney CD ROM game on to my PC for my little one (Windows 7). When I click install it comes up with "Setup is unable to find SETUP. DLL which is needed to complete the installation. "Error 103.

I am not that savvy with things like this but did do a google search to try and find a solution and have so far downloaded and then uninstalled several things that I thought would help. I thought this might be quicker, it has been in the past.

Thanks in advance for any help. :-)

geek_huddiegirl, May 24, 8:29 pm

what version of windows does the game say on teh box that its 'ok' to use on ?

if it's an old game it may not be able to run on win7 have you had it running on some other pc and if so what version ?

geek_drcspy, May 24, 8:33 pm

drcspy the game says the Minimum System requirements are Windows 98/Me/XP. Have not had it running on any other PC, just bought it. I should have checked it was compatible with Windows 7 I guess - I presumed Minimum System requirments meant it would work with anything after those as well. ?

geek_huddiegirl, May 24, 8:43 pm

Not always. Minimum requirements is just RAM and CPU. Newer versions of Windows often have major compatibility differences. Even so, you could try forcing a compatibility mode.

geek_r.g.nixon, May 24, 8:47 pm

you could try forcing a compatibility mode.

do you have the time to explain how that is done? If not I understand. Thanks.

geek_huddiegirl, May 24, 8:49 pm

check windows help

geek_drcspy, May 24, 8:52 pm

will do, thanks. I gave it a cursory glance but maybe have to be a little more patient. Have a good night.

geek_huddiegirl, May 24, 8:53 pm


geek_danu, Dec 8, 3:25 pm