Does anyone have a cd label printer

bluecheese, May 25, 1:10am
that is willing to print some labels for me? Of course Iw ill pay you for them

malachiman, May 25, 1:11am
1. Yes, 2. No

They are cheap to buy.

bluecheese, May 25, 1:19am
I am ony after 50 so dont wanna buy onw

malachiman, May 25, 1:24am
Are you talking about labels, or printing straight to disc?

bluecheese, May 25, 1:32am
Just labels

malachiman, May 25, 1:44am
ahhh there is the confusion. Any printer will print labels. but only a few models print straight to disc.

bluecheese, May 25, 2:06am
Yeah I do not have the software or anything to line it all up

malachiman, May 25, 2:07am
How about adding this info at the beginning when you asked the question.

bluecheese, May 25, 2:33am
Whats your problem? I asked a simple question if you dont wanna help then leave

sighkick, May 25, 2:39am

HP used to give away software to print CD/DVD labels when you purchased a HP CD burner (I have such software but its years old).

Try for free printer software. Please scan it for virus and trojan infection B4 loading it to your computer. You will need an inkjet or colour laser printer.

bluecheese, May 25, 2:48am
Thanks for your help but I dont have a very good printer so prob out of question

sighkick, May 25, 2:57am
So, basically, you are wanting to PAY someone to print about 30 CD sticky labels for you.

Perhaps the TITLE of this thread should read:

Commercial CD Label Printing Service?

Then go on to say that you only want 30 labels (small run) and hope that someone wants to take on the job.

I would expect the labels to cost you about $3. 50 each when you consider the cost of sticky labels and the cost of printer ink. It would get cheaper if you were doing it by the thousand.

Sticky labels are not the way to go anyway, they can destroy the recording medium which is on the label side of the CD. You would be better buying printable CD's (or DVD's) and printing directly onto the disc.

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