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bh11, May 25, 8:37am
Anybody recommend a good free web hosting site? Too many to choose from.

r.g.nixon, May 25, 8:43am

mattnzw, May 25, 8:59am
Thats an Oxymoron, 'cheap free web hosting'

Plenty of low cost providers out there that are reasonable.

flewy, May 25, 9:02am
or just a moron for making shit up.

mattnzw, May 25, 9:18am
What are you even on about. You do know what an oxymoron is. Obviously you like to call people names.

flewy, May 25, 9:21am
you have quoted cheap free, yet i see that nowhere in the og post?

mattnzw, May 25, 9:23am
Point taken, thats just simple human error. It should have said 'Good Free' is the Oxymoron.

flewy, May 25, 9:25am
:) how is that an oxymoron even?

groovebox, May 25, 10:07am
Mwah - the free ones are worth every penny.

US based hosting is plentiful and pretty inexpensive. IMNSHO the frustration in the workarounds of the "free" soon make them not so worthwhile.

macgor, May 25, 10:13am
I've been using this free one for quite a while , has ftp for uploading too.

groovebox, May 25, 10:23am
Won't load... ?

bidtolast, May 26, 1:52am
are you looking free host for .net or php or jsp... . . or just a normal host for uploading html... .

bh11, May 26, 9:16pm
we are setting up a business so want a good website

lifesteala, May 26, 11:37pm
If it is a business website, you should really look into getting US Based paid hosting for reliability. Cheaper than NZ Host pricing.

sighthound1, May 26, 11:56pm
Do NOT get any free hosting account if this is for a business site. A good host with php, mysql support and unlimited databases and email etc should be less than $10 a month and will be reliable and stable.

newbie5, May 27, 12:36am
Hostgator or dreamhost around $10 per month

d.snell, May 27, 12:42am
Setting up a business, pay for hosting. It's part of the cost and if $150 pa is too much to spend, then stop dreaming and forget about your business and try something else, as it's never going to work if it can't fund it's own website hosting.

newbie5, May 27, 12:47am
I agree with d. snell "FREE" hosting is not professional for a business as you will have third party advertising on your website and you cant do anything about it. Also you will not have cpanel so you will not be able to update your website.
If your business cant support hosting and domain purchase then get out of that business! ! ! ! !

d.snell, May 27, 12:58am
We actually use a small resellers plan. Unlimited Domains etc with 2GB storage and 20GB Traffic per month. Cost US$119 pa and it means we can host as many sites as we want. We have about 5 paying customers that cover the costs, so anything else is FREE for us. Very handy for playing around with. I think there is about 20 sites hosted on it at the moment and we still have loads of HDD space free and never got close to blowing the 20GB traffic limit.
It's a great company located in Texas with servers in Dallas and Houston and we have been with them for over 5 years and only a couple of hiccups. 24/7 Help Desk via online chat and they are very quick to help.

vtecintegra, May 27, 1:01am

Hows the speed? My current host is a bit slow (mostly on the php/database side), but then I guess thats to be expected for a cheap unlimited storage/traffic/databases account

d.snell, May 27, 1:28am
As fast as I can get on the Internet anyway. The Server is fairly grunty. 8 x Intel Xenon 2. 66GB CPU's (6144KB Cache each). 16GB RAM, 4 x 1TB SCSI HDD's2 x 250 GB HDD's.

mattnzw, May 27, 2:00am
Often servers start out as being quite fast, but over time as more and more accounts are added, they slow down. These cheap hosts often cram thousands of websites on a single server, and the server is usually a low spec machine to begin with. Thats when you start to encounter problems, such a reliability, data corruption, huge periods of downtime, I have seen it all before. Thats why I avoid any host that trades on the words 'cheap', as they will very often be cutting corners somewhere in order to be 'cheap'.

mattnzw, May 27, 2:04am
Don't forget that you also have to provide support to those customers that you are hosting, which is really where the cost is.

d.snell, May 27, 2:17am
Support? . . What's needed? Once the site is uploaded, then that's the hosting done. As long as the Server remains stable, that's it.
If you mean support for their website setup or changes etc, that's not the Hosting Company's problem. That's a design issue and charged for as such.

d.snell, May 27, 2:26am
These are the guys we use and have been very happy with them.

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