Free website hosting

Anybody recommend a good free web hosting site? Too many to choose from.

geek_bh11, May 25, 8:37 am


geek_r.g.nixon, May 25, 8:43 am

Thats an Oxymoron, 'cheap free web hosting'

Plenty of low cost providers out there that are reasonable.

geek_mattnzw, May 25, 8:59 am

or just a moron for making shit up.

geek_flewy, May 25, 9:02 am

What are you even on about. You do know what an oxymoron is. Obviously you like to call people names.

geek_mattnzw, May 25, 9:18 am

you have quoted cheap free, yet i see that nowhere in the og post?

geek_flewy, May 25, 9:21 am

Point taken, thats just simple human error. It should have said 'Good Free' is the Oxymoron.

geek_mattnzw, May 25, 9:23 am

:) how is that an oxymoron even?

geek_flewy, May 25, 9:25 am

Mwah - the free ones are worth every penny.

US based hosting is plentiful and pretty inexpensive. IMNSHO the frustration in the workarounds of the "free" soon make them not so worthwhile.

geek_groovebox, May 25, 10:07 am

I've been using this free one for quite a while , has ftp for uploading too.

geek_macgor, May 25, 10:13 am

Won't load... ?

geek_groovebox, May 25, 10:23 am

are you looking free host for .net or php or jsp... . . or just a normal host for uploading html... .

geek_bidtolast, May 26, 1:52 am

we are setting up a business so want a good website

geek_bh11, May 26, 9:16 pm

If it is a business website, you should really look into getting US Based paid hosting for reliability. Cheaper than NZ Host pricing.

geek_lifesteala, May 26, 11:37 pm

Do NOT get any free hosting account if this is for a business site. A good host with php, mysql support and unlimited databases and email etc should be less than $10 a month and will be reliable and stable.

geek_sighthound1, May 26, 11:56 pm

Hostgator or dreamhost around $10 per month

geek_newbie5, May 27, 12:36 am

Setting up a business, pay for hosting. It's part of the cost and if $150 pa is too much to spend, then stop dreaming and forget about your business and try something else, as it's never going to work if it can't fund it's own website hosting.

geek_d.snell, May 27, 12:42 am

I agree with d. snell "FREE" hosting is not professional for a business as you will have third party advertising on your website and you cant do anything about it. Also you will not have cpanel so you will not be able to update your website.
If your business cant support hosting and domain purchase then get out of that business! ! ! ! !

geek_newbie5, May 27, 12:47 am

We actually use a small resellers plan. Unlimited Domains etc with 2GB storage and 20GB Traffic per month. Cost US$119 pa and it means we can host as many sites as we want. We have about 5 paying customers that cover the costs, so anything else is FREE for us. Very handy for playing around with. I think there is about 20 sites hosted on it at the moment and we still have loads of HDD space free and never got close to blowing the 20GB traffic limit.
It's a great company located in Texas with servers in Dallas and Houston and we have been with them for over 5 years and only a couple of hiccups. 24/7 Help Desk via online chat and they are very quick to help.

geek_d.snell, May 27, 12:58 am


Hows the speed? My current host is a bit slow (mostly on the php/database side), but then I guess thats to be expected for a cheap unlimited storage/traffic/databases account

geek_vtecintegra, May 27, 1:01 am

As fast as I can get on the Internet anyway. The Server is fairly grunty. 8 x Intel Xenon 2. 66GB CPU's (6144KB Cache each). 16GB RAM, 4 x 1TB SCSI HDD's2 x 250 GB HDD's.

geek_d.snell, May 27, 1:28 am

Often servers start out as being quite fast, but over time as more and more accounts are added, they slow down. These cheap hosts often cram thousands of websites on a single server, and the server is usually a low spec machine to begin with. Thats when you start to encounter problems, such a reliability, data corruption, huge periods of downtime, I have seen it all before. Thats why I avoid any host that trades on the words 'cheap', as they will very often be cutting corners somewhere in order to be 'cheap'.

geek_mattnzw, May 27, 2:00 am

Don't forget that you also have to provide support to those customers that you are hosting, which is really where the cost is.

geek_mattnzw, May 27, 2:04 am

Support? . . What's needed? Once the site is uploaded, then that's the hosting done. As long as the Server remains stable, that's it.
If you mean support for their website setup or changes etc, that's not the Hosting Company's problem. That's a design issue and charged for as such.

geek_d.snell, May 27, 2:17 am

These are the guys we use and have been very happy with them.

geek_d.snell, May 27, 2:26 am

I mean supports your clients may need, such as with email setup, or if they have problems with their email software or connecting to the servers. They may phone you one day and say. help, I can't get my email, and then you may spend half an hour on the phone troubleshooting the problem which may be server related or a problem at their end. They may need help with understanding their hosting statistics etc. Their website may display a database connection error, due to a database becoming corrupt and needs repairing. There are heaps of areas they may need support for. Those are usually things that are covered in the web hosting fee, and not charged for separately.

geek_mattnzw, May 27, 2:47 am

Nope. They are charged separately unless the problem is the Server. Haven't got any with databases, so not an issue and something that shouldn't happen anyway. Nobody looks at site stats, they are all lies anyway and mean squat. It's results that count and that's obvious by business volume. If they want a new email account created after the initial upload, then that's a website support, IT support role and either they get their ppl to do it or employ us in that capacity. These are all extra's and charged accordingly. If they get in and stuff up things with Cpanel, then that's an issue they need to pay to get it resolved. Again, nothing to do with the hosting package.

geek_d.snell, May 27, 3:14 am

So you are only running static websites, and not CMS or ecommerce enabled systems? What if they employ IT support, who need support themselves using the control panel or help with various settings?

geek_mattnzw, May 27, 3:20 am

not free , but bloody good their cheapest option is one of the better i have seen.

geek_flewy, May 27, 6:06 am

Even if you did get free web hosting, you would need to pay for the domain name anyway. unless you want a web address such as rather than There are some good deals out there, some web hosts include the cost of the domain name also.

geek_thecelt, May 27, 6:16 am

wow, glad I asked... obviously there is a lot to this... will do more investigating, thanks for the advice. We DO want the business to succeed and point taken about getting what you pay for! ! Good comparison to cost for other advertising too, internet is still much cheaper.

geek_bh11, May 27, 7:09 am

1 Static, 2 CMS and 2 E-Commerce. It's not the Hosting Companies job to hand hold IT people. That's their job, they should know how to use Cpanel and use it's settings or go away and do some research and RTFM. As far as spam is concerned, of course it's easy to charge for. Consultancy Call= $25

BTW, Matt, how many websites do you have hosted? Also, why is it presumed IT support is free. It isn't and anybody in business is well aware of this and very happy to pay for the service. It's only the cheapskate home user who expect everything for nothing. Well, tell them to ring their bloody lawyer for some advice and see if they get a bill for that... .

geek_d.snell, May 27, 7:13 am

If you do want a free host, then check out:

It has *no* unwanted advertising, allows you to maintain your site through the File Manager, has MySQL databases, etc.

However, has a 10mb hosting package for only $55 per year, and you can buy a domain name for $27 from, if you want to go down the paid website path.

geek_kiwitech1, May 27, 7:26 am

Stay the hell away from ... ... ...

geek_nextplease, May 27, 8:03 am

Pay for your hosting then claim it back as business expenses
sounds like you need to read up on what you require to set up an online or offline business and what you can claim expenses for first.
examples=cost of computor and office equipment, office space, (even the spare room at home if you use that for your office)telephone, internet the list can go on and on check with IRD

geek_newbie5, May 28, 11:11 am

I see your point. However the hosting fee would normally include support for that service. eg. If I need help with something hosting related, I would contact my web host, and they would help me with it, and wouldn't charge. Personally I only contract them when something isn't working properly which is rare but can happen. Many people contact their ISP to help them with setting up their connection and setting up email, even though they will have been provided with instructions to do so. I would say the majority of calls they get are for stupid things that they could find in their online help or userguides.

geek_mattnzw, May 28, 12:20 pm

Whats wrong with them? Aren't they now owned by orcon.

geek_mattnzw, May 28, 12:24 pm

This host is cheap - Seems okay for the time being.

geek_psy-trading, May 28, 1:04 pm

You've got a . on the end of that URL

geek_r.g.nixon, May 28, 10:46 pm

nice way to get everyone to click on it...

geek_0800xford, May 28, 10:54 pm

haha... . is that all.

geek_psy-trading, May 28, 11:31 pm

Has anyone any direct experience of kiwiwebhost? In particular, does they provide cpanel with all of its usual stuff like mail-lists etc? Currently have a heap of domains with Tasman Solutions but there's a major over their likely survival and so might be safer to jump before the ship sinks!

geek_owene, May 29, 5:01 am

Why do you say this - seriously I need to hear as they are on my list of likely hosters... ? uh

geek_owene, May 29, 5:03 am

give me an email, Can discuss your requirements

geek_torican08, May 31, 9:42 am

dude fark off and stop ya self promo,

geek_flewy, May 31, 9:43 am

no-one like dealing with foreigners if ya kant talk the kiwi, .

geek_flewy, May 31, 9:44 am

#45 +1

geek_0800xford, May 31, 9:45 am

I was having a look at the host site you use. I noticed that they don't provide offsite backup by default, you have to buy that as an additional service, and they require you make regular backups yourself. It is a case of getting what you pay for, because offsite backups are something that should be provided. I have previously used a host, whose servers become corrupted due to harddrive failure, as did the backup drive, and they lost a lot of their customers files, including databases. Luckily they did have an offsite backup. Would suggest you pay extra to have the files stored offsite, unless you already make daily backups yourself. The company I use provides 14 days of backup archives, so even though I pay a lot more, I am covering myself.

geek_mattnzw, Jun 1, 5:17 am

You may want to have a look at - I have a couple of sites with them and have never had a problem. Quick response time with their customer service as well.

geek_surfonline, Jun 3, 11:54 pm

They are very expensive for what you get. Also their site doesn't look like it has been updated since 2006 from the footer and it looks it too.

geek_mattnzw, Jun 4, 12:59 am