I have the above software, mainly, Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX, Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin, Adobe Shockwave Player, not really know what they used for? Please explain briefly whether needed... ... ... thanks, Windows XP home edition.

geek_ottoitis, May 25, 9:25 pm

Flash is used for fancy moving graphics including games, banner ads, youtube videos. Shockwave is needed rarely - t is required for some games. Never seen a need for Air yet.

geek_r.g.nixon, May 25, 9:39 pm

I think 'tweetdecks' and 'webapps' use AIR

geek_amieward, May 25, 10:45 pm

going through your add/remove programs again otto?

geek_0800xford, May 26, 11:20 am

Don't delete the flash player. Thats for youtube, and pretty much everything else that moves on your computer screen

geek_stardesta, May 26, 1:20 pm

Wow that's news to me, apparently flash now drives your OS GUI

geek_malachiman, May 26, 3:17 pm


geek_directorylist, May 26, 3:18 pm

People need to L2read when they're installing crap on their PCs.

+ OP, have descriptions of all their apps & what they do. Did you try looking THERE before asking?

geek_lostdude, May 27, 7:45 am