brickplasterer, May 26, 5:13am
Hey I am repairing a friends laptop, and it has Ubuntu installed on it by me about a week ago. The owner does not want Ubuntu. So originally it had MAC OSX LEOPARD 10. 6. 2 on it. The owner never had the backup on DVD of the OS so I had to download it from the net in ISO format. I have used MagicISO and burned it to CD straight from ISO format and the file in ISO is 7. 1 GB. So I bought a 5-pack of DVD's from Dick Smith of Double Layer DVD+R DL 8. 5GB discs. I have tried three CD's burning the ISO, 2 from the PC I own, Windows Vista OS. This failed like all other attempts. The next attempt was changing the Mode to burn in to Mode 2 XA. This failed too. I used my home network and wirelessly transferred the file to the MAC running Ubuntu. This Leopard ISO file STILL will not burn to a DVD correctly. The error I am receiving is"

Unable to mount MAC OS X Install DVD

Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with: mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sr0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so

What do I do? I am not familiar with Ubuntu and all the commands. I am used to Windows/DOS and I can get my haed around programming using terminal if instructed carefully.

ANY help would be fully appreciated. Thanks.

brickplasterer, May 26, 5:34am
I have also tried burning it from Ubuntu and same error as burning from Vista

thetron, May 26, 5:35am
Sounds like a corrupt iso file. Sometimes happens with downloaded isos. Try downloading it again from a different source (a pain I know)

brickplasterer, May 26, 5:37am
is there any way i can "repair" the file using a file anayst program?

brickplasterer, May 26, 7:09am
anyone got any other ideas or support this? it appears to be a valid image.

gibler, May 26, 7:10am
try ISObuster from windows...

the Mac Snow Leopard DVD is in Mac OS Extended (HFS+) format by the way

jcmp21, May 26, 7:16am
Maybe try a USB install or boot over the network

brickplasterer, May 26, 7:32am
how do i start the macbook to do a network install? I cant extract the ISO file. but ill look into ISObuster, thanks!

I tried the USB install but I dont have a USB big enough to extract the data out of ISO. It's 8. 1 GB and my USB is 8 GB. LOL that sucks. I burnt the DVD in HFS+ format for the 3 attempts of burning.

puddleduck00, May 26, 7:36am
It really does sound like a bad ISO and like you're wasting your time. Where did you download it from?

brickplasterer, May 26, 7:46am

brickplasterer, May 26, 7:47am
it took 3 weeks to download using hotfile. they make you individually type a human-prove code in and i downloaded 27 files. so you cant just leave running over night. if i can find another solution... .

brickplasterer, May 26, 7:48am
what is the journaling in Ubuntu all about?

dunedin_ree, May 26, 7:49am
+1 for USB install.

A 16GB USB drive isn't that expensive compared to a new 10. 6 retail set.

brickplasterer, May 26, 7:55am
do i need to partition the DVD before burning it, and what type of file system out of: FAT, Linux Ex2, Linux Ex3, Linux Ex4, Linux XFS, NTFS, Swap Space, Empty?

If i partition it, What type of partition: Master Boot record, GUID Partition Table, Don't Partition or Apple Partition Map?

thanks again

charles.j, May 26, 7:56am
From memory you can't edit a HFS system if it's journaled(while accessing it from ubuntu)

brickplasterer, May 26, 7:58am
ok, so i still have the ISO on the Mac and the Windows Vista Computers. On the mac, Ubuntu is running and I have a blank CD. With the ISO, does anyone know the actual way to make a DVD bootable of the Leopard? Ultimately I will remove Ubuntu and re-install leopard

kiritpatel, May 26, 8:02am
hey just buy a leopard dvd or snow leopard. SL is only $59. maybe u can get a deal on trademe? ? ?

dunedin_ree, May 26, 8:04am
Urgh, good point.

In that case spending $50 on a 16GB USB drive is a gigantic waste of money. Buy the disk... .

brickplasterer, May 26, 8:15am
SHOT! thanks for that. I just bid on one! nice

drsr, May 26, 11:11am
Next time use JDownloader.

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