Who has a laser printer........

bluecheese, May 26, 8:07am
And is willing to print off a few hundred sheets for me, on semi gloss paper if possible, obviously I will pay whatever it costs

ferita, May 26, 8:11am
Colour or mono?

bluecheese, May 26, 8:11am
Sorry I have no idea what mono is eek hehe

ferita, May 26, 8:12am
black and white = mono

bluecheese, May 26, 8:14am
Oh sorry no colour is needed, if you can do for me just let me know how much it will cost etc

ferita, May 26, 8:14am
By the time you pay some one for costs etc it would be cheaper just buying a second hand black and white one on here. My black and white one cost me 15 dollars on here. I have a colour one too but i purchased that new and it was around 800 dollars. Biggest waste of money ever.

bluecheese, May 26, 8:17am
Oh I really need them printed in colour though and dont really wanna buy a colour printer, how much will it cost to print few hundred colour sheets

bidda2, May 26, 8:18am
Go to a copy shop?

ferita, May 26, 8:19am
My color one has no toner and will cost about 500 dollars for new toner so I am not getting any. Someone else may be able to help you though.

bluecheese, May 26, 8:20am
I was going to go to warehouse stationary but is there printer a laser, I am guessing it would be and would they print on semi gloss paper

bidda2, May 26, 8:29am
I'm sure you can tell them what you want.

bluecheese, May 26, 8:34am
Ok thanks will try them

pyro_sniper2002, May 26, 11:39am
Yup they use big Ricoh copiers, which are just a large laser printer with a scanner chucked on top. No reason you couldn't take your own paper in, or they may possibly be able to supply.

drcspy, May 26, 3:16pm
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

lostdude, May 26, 3:29pm

missrat, May 26, 3:34pm
drcspy ...
I think bluecheese just left out the comma there... ... should be -
'Oh sorry no, colour is needed 'Maybe ?

richms, May 26, 3:38pm
Glossy paper needs a decent laser to do it, forget a desktop HP or brother or similar doing it. Will just flake right off.

drcspy, May 26, 3:43pm
yes I realise that and it's an excellent example of how much punctuation can be very important as without the comma the meaning is the exact opposite of what they want to getacross isnt' it... ... . .

malachiman, May 26, 8:49pm
Is this a follow on from your other thread where you dont give any information but want someone to help you, they wanted CD labels printed.

Stop being so cheap and buy your own printer

missrat, May 27, 10:43am
YES ! !

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