ADSL2+ modem/router suggestions

Our exchange is going to get ASDL2 soon so i'm just doing research on a new modem/router preferably all in one (less energy consumption). It has to be wireless, but it doesn't matter if it is N or G.
There will be as least 4 computers or laptops on the net at the same time using pretty high bandwidth (mmorpg's and video streaming) so i would like some suggestions. something under $200 would be nice and printer-sharing would be a plus. Please post on personal experience and no just reviews, with how many computers is on the network. Thanks in advance.

geek_silver-trader, May 27, 4:30 pm

printer sharing ? or printer networking ? thus: a printer which will work when networked to the router rather than a printer that you use which is plugged into one of the comptuers and shared ?

you cant use a printer plugged into a router unless the printer has that capability... ... ...

as for the 4 computers usign the net all at the same time streaming etc you'd be MUCH better off using an N router it's twice the LOCAL speed of the G ... ... ... . you'll find one for much less than $200 ... ... . no doubt the fanboys will come by shortly with their favorite types... ... .

geek_drcspy, May 27, 4:38 pm

linksys wag320 N just got me one of these its one of only a few Gigabit lan routerwith dual band wireless adsl2 cost 250$

geek_intrade, May 27, 5:45 pm

I was think about something like this asus modem
1821. php

I've never used a asus modem before so i don't know if they are any good with high bandwidth usage.

I still have wireless G pci cards in the desktops and i don't think i am gonna upgrade them for 1year+, does N still make a difference?

geek_silver-trader, May 28, 12:19 am

Hmm the Gigabit is Ethernet right? Only 1 computer will be on Ethernet and the rest are wireless. How many computers are using the wireless at the same time?

Also this is for a 2-storey house if that makes a difference.

geek_silver-trader, May 28, 12:25 am

That asus should be fine, always thought the built in usb print/ftp server was a good idea. cheap too.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 28, 12:30 am

the machines withG cards will work at G speeds it's pointless getting an N router if you only have G capability on the machines... . .

geek_drcspy, May 28, 3:45 am

Another option is to ring your ISP helpdesk and suggest they send you an ADSL2+ modem with wireless-G and 4 ethernet ports, at no charge, in exchange for you extending your contract for 12 months. My ISP sent a HUAWAI device, arrived the same day.

geek_gyrogearloose, May 28, 6:52 am

That would probably mean i'd get the Thompson modem that telecom offers for a 24 month contract. Rather not be stuck with telecom for 2 years. Does anyone know if the wireless Thompson modem is good for 4+ computers.

geek_silver-trader, May 28, 9:15 am

Yes the Thomson 585v7 will do you, I use one here and has 3 wireless and 8 pc's running off it at the moment.

geek_swivel, May 28, 10:25 am

I wouldn't touch a Thomson, they are rubbish

geek_l43a2, May 28, 2:32 pm

why are they rubbish. we have them never had any trouble .

geek_badaz_red, May 28, 2:59 pm

What would you use?

geek_silver-trader, May 28, 4:09 pm

Just get the asus if you don't think you will be upgrading your systems in the next few years. Gigabit ethernet is a MUST if you frequently share large files between computers but also requires gigabit NICs on each PC. Wireless N is also a must if you want full duplex file transferring between PCs on wireless.

So the choice is yours, roughly $200 for the asus with no gigabit lan or pay the extra $50 & get a full featured linksys.

geek_lostdude, May 28, 5:36 pm