Could anyone recommend a cd printer?

chessman, May 27, 8:20am
Im looking for a cd printer to print on the white mat like surface of printable dvdr's, need something thats economical and can do 1000 disks. I am replicating dvd titles for a company who owns the copyright to them.

hakatere1, May 27, 8:23pm
I got a Canon Pixma ip4500 a couple of years ago from dse for $153 on special. Does a great job. Or were you looking at another method?

malachiman, May 27, 8:39pm
For 1000 discs you will be looking at an automated method. There are several places in NZ that sell them, and there are a number of different options from ones you have to manually feed to ones with robotic arms. Is this a one off? If it is you could sub contract it out to someone like Sllver and Bolard (spelling? ) in Auckland

chessman, May 27, 10:34pm
Not just a one off, will be needing to do lots more in future. Im assuming manually feeding will take some time to do 1000 disks, so robotic might be the way to go, what price would I be looking at? By the way I have access to Ingram Micro but cant find anything better than an inkjet on their website.

bluetongue, May 27, 11:26pm
canon pixma ip4700, i print everyday, good on ink.

thunderstorm, May 28, 5:36am
you need one of these :)

Or a elcheapo printer with a CISS attached.

lostdude, May 28, 5:43am
For 1000+ DVDs you should be getting it replicated, not duplicated. v=ncU_A76W3P8

thunderstorm, May 28, 5:54am
you could outsource to another comany who does this. Put a % on top and easy free money really.

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