How do you know whether or not an email from HP

joburger, May 27, 11:12am
is spam...

I've got an email from Hewlett Packard about a battery fault etc etc. . but I'm weary of it being authentic or not.

it's got their Trademark HP graphic, and the email address is HP APJ <crm-ccm. ap-ipg@newsgram. hp-

Looks like the real deal. . but you just never know!

pyro_sniper2002, May 27, 11:53am
There is a known battery fault, you can ring them to see if you're affected. 0800 449 553

jcmp21, May 27, 12:43pm
You can delete the email and go to the website (not from any link they provide). If there's something on their site you will know.

puddleduck00, May 27, 12:46pm
the domain on that email address looks suss though.

drcspy, May 27, 3:42pm
google it... ...

confusle'd, Jan 10, 7:52am
I did just that, I copy'd the email address and google'd it and this is where it sent me

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