How to find a laptop MAC address in Windows 7??

I have a new ASUS laptop, running Win7 Professional 64bit, and I am having trouble finding the MAC address so I can log it in my router.

I have tried to get to the "Details" window by right clicking on "Wireless Network Connection" but in the drop-down menu the choice "Status" is greyed-out.

Can anybody please help me with this?

geek_mariner51, May 28, 10:29 am

Top answer
Click start button - type 'cmd' then hit enter - type 'ipconfig /all'.
Look for physical address, that will be your MAC address

geek_mortonmob, May 28, 10:44 am

"Windows cannot find 'ipconfig/all' "

geek_mariner51, May 28, 10:58 am

Put a space between ipconfig and /. So ipconfig is one word, then space, then /all

geek_mortonmob, May 28, 11:01 am

OK found it - thanks!

geek_mariner51, May 28, 11:01 am

geek_mysteryman007, May 28, 11:02 am

protip: ipconfig /?
yes, that is space slash question mark

geek_0800xford, May 28, 11:16 am

my address comes up as 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0... can someone explain why?

geek_guest, Jul 8, 6:56 am

me too

geek_guest, Oct 13, 5:24 am

Search up it will be there

geek_guest, Oct 29, 6:20 pm

in that CMD, try to find "wireless lan adapter wireless network connection".
so the "physical address" under this section will be your mac number. enjoy :)

geek_me, Nov 13, 10:20 pm

also, try this:

geek_me, Nov 13, 10:23 pm

those guys who has 00-00-..... ma address
should connect to a network then use ipconfig /all

geek_guest, Dec 11, 7:11 pm

yes i found thanks.. :)

geek_rup, Dec 30, 3:40 am

after typing ipconfig /all in windows 7 i got three to four physical address,,,,,,
which one should i select????????
i need for wifi......

geek_kkk, Jan 6, 12:21 am

for justthe mac address type getmac in c prompt

geek_guest, Jan 19, 2:06 am

in run command type cmd the dos windows is open then in c:\> ipconfig/all command write and enter..
many physical address is open ..
but in wireless network adpter setting show the physical address ...
that show physical addres ..
that is your real mac address .....

geek_anubhav, Feb 5, 8:40 am

1. Open the Control Panel (icons view), and click on the Network and Sharing Center icon.

2. In the left pane, click on the Change adapter settings link. (see screenshot below)

3. Right click on the network connection (network adapter or NIC) that you want to see the MAC address of, and click on Status. (see screenshot below)

4-Click on the Details button. (see screenshot below)

5. To the right of Physical Address (Property), you will see the MAC address (Value) for the selected network connection (network adapter or NIC). (see screenshot below)

6. When done, click on Close (steps 4 and 5) twice and close the Network Connections window (step 3).

geek_anubhav, Feb 5, 8:45 am

How to find a laptop MAC address in Windows 7??

geek_guest, Feb 21, 12:13 am

First know the brand of your wireless lan adapter, then go to CMD and type ipconfig /all then look up for your wireless lan adapter brand then look for physical address..that is your MAC address

geek_chairman, Mar 8, 4:43 am

very effective site. thanks for your help.

geek_guest, Mar 15, 6:45 am

how to break/change MAc number in laptop?

geek_guest, Mar 16, 10:17 pm

None of the numbers work. What the hell?

geek_guest, Apr 15, 9:11 am

the mac address, according to the instructions in #2 & #11 above, comes up as "Invalid MAC address when I enter it.......what am I supposed to do now?

geek_guest, Apr 15, 9:16 am

Every time I open ipconfig it will open for a second then go away

geek_guest, Jun 4, 10:03 am

Bagaimana menemukan alamat MAC laptop di Windows 7??

geek_helmy_munandar, Jun 15, 11:47 am

thnxc i foud ......:)

geek_guest, Jun 19, 8:17 pm

after giving cmnd, it showing not an internal and external command

geek_guest, Jun 23, 1:15 am

speak fucking English and I will halp you nigger

geek_waipawa, Jun 26, 9:18 pm

i don't get STATUS option after right click on the required what should i do now ?????? plzzzzzz help.............

geek_guest, Jul 12, 5:02 am

ipconfig /all or getmac cmd utility both don't work on my laptop with win7. what should i do?

geek_yadav, Sep 14, 7:06 pm

Hi everyone, My laptop showing 00-00-00-00-00-00 in the physical address. How can i change it because the internet connection provider wants a physical address which should not be like 00-00...
plz help me as early as possible

geek_owais, Sep 18, 9:48 am


geek_anick, Nov 4, 12:15 pm

media dissconnected

geek_guest, Oct 13, 10:04 am asus lap top has been stolen. how can i find its mac adress to tarck it?

geek_guest, Mar 1, 1:25 am

Thanks sooo much!

geek_guest, Mar 16, 2:54 am