Mail: Sent messages bounced by administrator

kalevala, May 28, 8:44pm
Receive message "<MAILER-DAEMON@filter-
5. x. 0 Message bounced by administrator
Status: 5. 0. 0 (permanent failure)"

Vodafone say it is an Apple problem, yet have searched and found it affects other isps

Have reset my mail account but still receive this message on all sent mail. Problem started last Thursday night.
Any help appreciated

scifiguy, May 28, 8:50pm
by chance have emails been to those on xtra that have bounced back?
Telecom have had a problem for over a month now that they dont seem to have admited as yet

kalevala, May 28, 8:56pm
Not only xtra, even test emails to self at ihug have been deemed "undeliverable" as they bounce back. Tech support guy at Vodafone did say that it was a common problem

kalevala, May 28, 11:36pm
It seems that ihug/vodafone emails are being blocked by ISPs around the world. According to a forum contributor with the same problem, Vodafone have stated that they know what the problem is, how to fix it, and that the solution has been in test since last September...
meanwhile I was told to use webmail to send messages.

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