Nikon D90 $1290 on here, $1900 localy

jetgriff, May 29, 12:37am
Can it be the same quality etc even though it states Nikon D90. May save a lot but what's the risk?

vtecintegra, May 29, 12:53am
Possibly no warranty. Probably body only (no lenses)

BTW that sounds about right for a parallel import: php? p=339696

deodar, May 29, 12:56am
Thats locally.

pyro_sniper2002, May 29, 12:59am
The risk is if it breaks, good luck getting it sorted. Einfo for example are particualry bad with waranty stuff.

jetgriff, May 29, 1:06am
I am upgrading to Nikon because I want the best, so think its best to go local then, at least he gets them from the NZ agents T. A. Macalister Limited and not Dim Sim in China

landbased, May 29, 3:50am
They come ex Hong Kong... ... ... ... ... ... ... . . I got D90 on here and two lenses $1900.

Great buy... ... ... ... ... don't get fooled into the local rip off scene.
Nikon brand is reliable and well known so I doubt anythang will go wrong.
It's your choice at the end of the day really... ... ... ...

landbased, May 29, 3:52am

This will do the job... ... ... ... same as mine.
And $saved

jetgriff, May 29, 4:05am
Thanks for that. . Are they 'originals' made in 'Japan' any way of telling? is the instruction book in English? ta

landbased, May 29, 4:09am
I've got one off the guy... ... ... ... ... . book in English.

Picture post card photo's... ... ... ... . . calender edition etc etc.

Check out my pictures on flicker... ... ... ...

Wazza(BOP) photo's

The horse shot on 90 mile beach is my best photo so far!

mazdasix, May 29, 4:33am
It has no lense... That's why it's cheap

floydbloke, May 29, 6:34am
Good shot Wazza. Right place, right time. Nice composition and well selected settings.

jetgriff, May 30, 10:26pm
nice pics indeed, better than my EOS 400D. But I'm still wondering about buying parallel imported stuff when its $2000 at stake. .

jetgriff, Jun 4, 10:36pm
well took the plunge and bought of Bartman 88, he answered questions in about 5 mins and thought well if it croaks I can always buy another and still be in pocket over the local price ... did consider getting it off Expert Infotech Ltd, but after 4 days they still do not answer my emails.

landbased, Jun 5, 1:09am
Good to hear... ... ... what model did you buy?

I think bartman88 will warrent the camera for a year.
I've had mine 5 months and not one problem... ... ... ... . Nikon is Quality!

jetgriff, Jun 5, 4:19am
I got the Nikon D90 Body + 18-105mm VR lens, but because that lens has a bit of distortion top and bottom (acording to one review) I also got a Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f1. 8 prime lens, these are great for low light pics. now have to sell my Canon EOS 400D and lenses to help pay for this. Agreed Nikon is the way to go!

lisao, Jun 13, 3:34am
Hi jetgriff - am looking at getting a Canon EOS 400D and lenses - are you going to be selling yours on trade-me? ? Thanks.

jetgriff, Jun 13, 4:03am
just waiting for my Nikon to be released from customs, if you go to Flickr and search 'jetgriff' you can see pictures taken with it, the Alexandra ones i took last week, they look so good I wonder if I should be keeping the Canon!

lisao, Jun 13, 6:14am
Thanks for the reply jetgriff, will check out your pic's - thanks.

lisao, Jun 13, 6:25am
Jetgriff - just went into Flickr but couldn't couldn't find anything with the user name 'jetgriff' - did I do something wrong?

jetgriff, Jun 13, 6:29am
hum, m see what you mean. . try this link w=all&q=tarbert+st+alexand

jetgriff, Jun 13, 6:30am
click on jetgriff under a pic to see them all

lisao, Jun 13, 6:43am
Great that worked thanks - fantastic shots. Will keep an eye out incase you list the camera soon! Does it take good shots inside and good action shots of say kids playing sport. Thanks for all your help.

jetgriff, Jun 13, 6:54am
put some more pics on...

The 2 lenses are telephoto so are f3. 5 so you need goodish light or a steady hand inside, to get great shots anytime you should go for a 1. 8 or 1. 4 say 55mm fixed lens. But overall I have 2years of great shooting

jetgriff, Jun 15, 5:46am
Auction started

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