Help Acer Aspire 6503

willowview61, May 30, 7:52am
Why is my laptop turning itself off while in a payed down loaded game. It has done it 5 time at slightly diferent stages. Also how do I remove firefox as this could be causing the problem. This doesent happen during other games.

drcspy, May 30, 7:53am
possibly overheating... ... ... and nope firefox wont be causing the problem... ...

willowview61, May 30, 7:57am
Ok laptop has lots of air around it and sits on its own wooden knee table thing.

dougstringer, May 30, 8:49am
Get it serviced & the fans, heatsinks cleaned.

0800xford, May 30, 8:54am
gaming + [crappy old] laptop = disaster

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