Hack the iphone 3gs

seriouslycgi, May 31, 12:49am

0800xford, May 31, 12:53am
* Step 1 - Take a powered down iPhone 3GS and connect it to your computer running a fully up to date version of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

* Step 2 - See Step 1

malachiman, May 31, 2:39am
But the only people who would do this are tinfoil wearing, paranoid, sandels with socks, living in mums basement types. And then they would be worried that google will be tracking them through the built in google search in safari.

0800xford, May 31, 2:54am
tinfoil cricket box

amieward, May 31, 3:13am
does it just appear as a flash storage device? strange

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