Change channel on old Teac TV to AV without remote

ryderc, May 31, 8:59am
I have just hooked up a dvd player to my old Teac TV. I want to change the channel to AV but it has no remote. I'm not to TV/dvd player savvy. Can anyone help?

beanie, May 31, 9:10am
push channel minus repeatedly

gyrogearloose, May 31, 9:12am
If it doesn't have a 'source' button to change to AV1, then press the 'channel down' button to go 3-2-1-AV2-AV1...

ryderc, May 31, 9:15am
I've tried holding down channel up and down buttons but that doesn't seem to work on this one. Thanks for your input beanie.

gyrogearloose, May 31, 9:21am
Are you sure it has an AV channel?

ryderc, May 31, 9:26am
Not at all. It has a Scart connector for line in. it has 40 programmable channels. It has a remote sensor on it. There is a PP button, I don't know what it does but it doesn't seem to do much... Does this help?

gyrogearloose, May 31, 9:37am
So if it has a Scart connector, have you used a Scart-to-Scart cable to connect the DVD player, or what cable have you used?

I'm still of the opinion that pressing the channel down button repeatedly should get you to the AV channel. Don't hold it - press it, again & again...

ryderc, May 31, 9:44am
If I press it again and again it goes from 1;0;39;38... . If I hold it down it just flicks through them. I have a Scart to RCA plug.

ryderc, May 31, 9:45am
It should have an AV channel if it has a Scart line in shouldn't it? Otherwise what else would the line in be for?

ottoitis, May 31, 9:53am
PP button: 'Personal Preference' from memory

jeremy_74, May 31, 10:04am
You could try a universal remote.

Some TV's can only be set to AV via remote control.

ryderc, May 31, 10:07am
Yeah I suspect this old girl is one of them. I was hoping that there might be some tricky button combo that might change the channel. looks like it will have to be tomorrows task. Thanks all:)

jeremy_74, May 31, 10:11am
I've noticed Euro TV's with scart inputs will automatically change to AV when a signal is detected.

Not sure if it's the same when using a scart to composite adapter though.

ryderc, May 31, 10:16am
Oh ok, does this mean I have to have something playing?

jeremy_74, May 31, 10:23am
Just having the device powered on will do it.

May be a signal being sent from scart to scart only though.

lostdude, May 31, 10:46am
Just in case but are you absolutely sure it's AV "IN" & not "OUT" that you've connected your DVD to on the TV? lol

scuba, May 31, 1:04pm
some have a separate AV /TV button.

gyrogearloose, May 31, 10:30pm
My opinion would be that this cable is the wrong cable, I suggest that this is the kind of cable you would use FROM a Sky decoder (scart) TO a television (composite). You're going in the other direction, FROM a DVD player (composite) TO a television (scart).

The Scart connector has pins for AV-in and for AV-out, but I'm suggesting your scart cable is wired for AV-out while what you need is a Scart with AV-in.

If you go to Dick Smith you'll see what I mean, they sell a Scart box which has RCA sockets to connect an AV cable - and on this Scart box there is a switch to change from Input to Output. This would work for you.

vig, Oct 21, 6:21am
This problem seems to be universal with most crt TVs. I also believe in some unique combo will do the trick to av1. my wife somehow gets to do this by pressing ch and vol wildly and i am unable to trace the combo. :-(

donny_brooks, Mar 26, 4:01am
I'm in the same position... stupid TV makers don't even give the open of manual buttons on the tv... outraged!

guest, Jul 2, 3:05pm
what the bogert is this?

guest, Oct 22, 3:40am
i have the same problam

guest, Nov 8, 8:20am
How to go av mode without remote control on samsung (hitron) tv. it is 11 year old tv

dezbaz, Dec 8, 10:53am
It seems all you need to do it fit a jumper (Or switch) between pins 1 and 3 on IC 701 to get AV Mode
See this diagram from the manual
dezbaz [at]

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