Auto Printing of files attached to an email

bob7771, Jun 1, 1:26am
Hi - Using Windows XP and Outlook in Office 2007. Odd thing is, whenever I print off an email that has a file attached to it (say a spreadsheet for example) the spreadsheet prints as well.

Any ideas on how to stop this from happening?

Often I want to just print off the email, generally don't need to print theattachment.


hakatere1, Jun 1, 1:29am
Tried highlighting the required text of the email and then choosing selection in your printer software?

bob7771, Jun 1, 1:33am
That will probably work but I was hoping more for a solution to stop the attachments printing whenever I print the email - spent about an hour googling solutions but nothing obvious came up.

r.g.nixon, Jun 1, 1:45am
Change your email view from HTML to plain text. Might work?

bob7771, Jun 1, 2:18am
I am thinking there is a setting or option in one of the settings screens that enables this auto print feature but I will be damned if I can find it!

oscarnz, Jun 1, 5:48am
In the file/print screen, is the print attachments box ticked?

bob7771, Jun 1, 7:57am
I will check when i get back to the office - might be the quick print doing it automatically, hadn't thought of that before. Thanks!

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