Youtube problems for Telstraclear customers

stoeknee, Jun 1, 8:59am
can anyone out there who uses Telstraclear actually get youtube to work? I heard on the radio that the stutter on youtube is actually a fault with Telstraclear and not my computer. They've been promising to fix it by the end of May and guess what it's June now and it's still as crap as ever. anyone got any suggestions? ?

weally27, Jun 1, 9:06am
All good here

tigra, Jun 1, 9:08am
Works great for me. Just watched Rhod Gilbert at the Apollo theatre.

bonniefloss, Jun 1, 9:13am
I have no prob with youtube - no stuttering unless intentional.

may321, Jun 1, 9:25am
im with telstra. sometimes they open. and a lot of times dont. wondered myself why this was happening.

dragon500, Jun 1, 10:30am
I'm with Telstraclear and youtube works fine for me too.

ralphdog1, Jun 1, 11:17am
I'm with them too.
Have had a problem but it has improved heaps (back to like it was last year)
Been good for about a month

guest, Jun 2, 7:06pm
TelstraClear have a YouTube cache now.. there is no longer a problem and it works great.

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