Free alternative to Adobe Reader?

datoofairy, Jun 1, 7:33pm
Can someone please recommend me a good, open source alternative to Adobe Reader for Vista please? Thanks.

jeremy_74, Jun 1, 8:00pm
Hi datoothfairy. A free program for creating PDF files is cutepdf (

Fairly basic but will do the job.

spielfeuer, Jun 1, 8:00pm

datoofairy, Jun 1, 8:11pm
Thanks to you both.
Foxit was the one I had heard of beforebut couldnt remember the name of.
Thanks heaps :o)

0800xford, Jun 1, 8:20pm
sumatra ftw, no bundled toolbars or other rubbish

0800xford, Jun 1, 11:46pm
i bet that was GOLD

rgtrading, Jun 2, 12:57am
I'm guessing you mean adobe writer - adobe reader is free

pirateboy91, Jun 2, 3:30am
Foxit and Sumatra are my votes.
Foxit wins partially for me because it lets you edit PDFs

trevix2k, Jun 2, 3:36am
foxit lets you edit but leaves a watermark unless you pay for that option. STill, it gets my vote for being less resources hogging compares to abode reader

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