Lego Printer - awesome

malachiman, Jun 2, 8:24pm
Not sure if this has been posted here before, but very very cool

chuckie30, Jun 2, 8:31pm
cool stuff, wonder how it would handle colour?

malachiman, Jun 2, 8:33pm
huh? it only supports one felt so everything will print in that colour regardless.

chuckie30, Jun 2, 8:35pm
but if he put say four felts in, and then adjusted the program to suit, that would be uber cool

cybertao, Jun 2, 8:40pm
In the FAQ he states that multi-colour would require more motors than he has. Besides, felt pens wouldn't have the resolution to allow mixing of the colours next to each other, and trying to run them together would ruin the pens and print.
It reminds me of a book on robotics I read as a child that had a drum-based plotter you hooked up to a C64.

chuckie30, Jun 2, 8:43pm
Ahh, i didnt read the faq's, still cool though.

rozendaal, Jun 3, 12:50am
That is so cool; even the kids were laughing

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