Have a brother MFC7340 printer

goodaznz, Jun 4, 2:57am
which is excellent, but the paper jammed when printing. I fixed the problem, made sure everthing was all ok, went to print and paper comes out with a blank sheet. Copying does the same. I took the cartidge out to check, but all's well there. Can someone help please as I feel its something very simple I have overlooked.

jcmp21, Jun 4, 3:04am
I wonder if its not finding an error once the paper is feeding then just spits out the blank page to clear it from the system? .

Does its come up with any errors or anything? Red light or anything instead of the green?

goodaznz, Jun 4, 3:11am
No nothing, have checked that. Double checked that the settings are still the same, I cant understand whats happened

rgtrading, Jun 4, 3:40am
Probably clogged heads. Brother printers seem to be notorious for that, especially the cheap ones. Try the head cleaning function and if that doesn't work try to get some isopropyl onto the heads, although being a brother that probably not possible - I know the DCP have hidden heads so I ended up throwing mine out after 6 months.

badcam, Jun 4, 4:51am
This is a laser printer. You could try removing the cartridge and running the green tab (pale green plastic square on right hand side away from you) from right to left and back a few times. Also, gently shake the cartridge from side to side to help even out the toner. The Brother.co.nz support has some good tips for this sort of problem.

trial_by_fire, Jun 4, 6:10am
might be a defective cartridge.

goodaznz, Jun 4, 8:53am
I have just tried what you suggested badcam... no luck. No I dont thinks its a defective cartridge as it was working brilliantly till I fixed the paper jam, removed the cartridge to check all was ok, popped it back in and bingo wouldnt print. Might just have to get someone to check it out as I have tried nearly everything.

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