kiwikid1, Jun 4, 3:23am
Hi guys

Not much of a wizz but would like to know how to reset vista to factory settings. Yes sorry I have not made back up will this be a problem?

swivel, Jun 4, 3:29am
Well unless you have disks, or it gives you the opition to press (F11 or the likes) for restore, your on the hard road

kiwikid1, Jun 4, 3:38am
comes up with message. corruption on :c

rgtrading, Jun 4, 3:42am
Try putting in the vista disk, getting it to boot from it, and repair. If that doesn't work back up all your personal data and format/reinstall. Also think about getting a new hard drive - there's a good chance it corrupt because the hard disk is dying.

0800xford, Jun 4, 3:44am
they have no discs...

kt061, Jun 4, 10:01am
sorry kiwikid1 that sounds bad!
Can anyone tell me what to do about downloading updates for windows when we are on poor dial up (drops out a lot, rural is crap). We were fine until we lost the net for one month new the downloads are too big and prompts keep wanting to download and if we try the connection drops out! !

0800xford, Jun 4, 7:53pm
kt061: you might like to start a new thread with an appropriate title, this one is vaguely titled "vista".

one thing you could do is take your computer somewhere that has broadband just to get the updates done.
updates resume though i'm sure...

how are you trying to do these updates?
via the windows update site or using automatic updates?
are you using xp or vista or win 7... ?

rawill, Jun 4, 10:33pm
And I am guesss it is a desktop - if it was a laptop I would look for a hotspot and get it going again!

project_gundam, Jun 5, 6:08am
had vista until Isome how got windows7 pro ... I had acer tools already installed and just cliked on settings--factory settings.

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