E-mail access while travelling

E-mail access while travelling Can anyone tell me the best way to access e-mails while travelling in house bus, please? We have a laptop and are on broad band at home.TIA

geek_meetee, May 9, 10:58 am

Depends On Whom You have Broandband with: If xtra. Just use the xtramail web site: (nz.yahoo.com/mail) :D

geek_1clickaway, May 9, 11:03 am

Unless you have a phoneline on your bus,no can do..

geek_tessal, May 9, 11:03 am

.... do you have wireless on your laptop?

geek_0800xford, May 9, 11:03 am

.... ha ha ha i love it when that happens =)

geek_0800xford, May 9, 11:04 am

Otherwise a pcmcia laptop card with a separate account..you wont be able to cross your account over to the laptop in your bus either...

geek_tessal, May 9, 11:05 am

Meetee if your with telecom with broadband you can use any one of their many many hotpsots around the country. also a lot of the larger Mc Cafes are putting in free wireless to lure customers in. the one at Auckland airport Mac D's has free wirless so surf all day and drink coffee to your full of it.

geek_dveditor, May 9, 11:06 am

Tessal where are coming from? if your going to give advice on here it would pay to know what your talking about! where are you getting your information from?

geek_dveditor, May 9, 11:08 am

Or you can use a PDA mobile phone at any hotspot, or connect the phone (Telecom) for 24/7 net coverage. I'm selling an apache T3G PDA here this weekend, will have a $145 buynow & $100 reserve. Save me if you think it may be useful. Enjoy the bus!

geek_papariccardo, May 9, 11:09 am

Read his question DV i sure as hell did,what are you on..hes assuming since he has bb at home, he wants it on the bus..what do you say to that?

geek_tessal, May 9, 11:11 am

.... hopefully they will login at lunch time and answer some of these questions =)

geek_0800xford, May 9, 11:15 am

Psst Tess YOU read the Q too: Theres no MENTION of WANTING BB on their bus: Just informing that they HAVE BB at home. All they want is to ACCESS their mail while they are away: Its simple - as long as the first psot lets 'us' know whom they are with: then 'we' can point them in the right direction. :Þ

geek_1clickaway, May 9, 11:18 am

Well maybe they want to piggyback there bb account off the home account,instead of opening a new dialup/bb account..
if its just email access needed wireless hotspots is the way to go IF they wanna travel to find them.

geek_tessal, May 9, 11:23 am

Tessal hows tauranga? i sure did read the question thats why i asked you where your getting your info from. "unless you have a phoneline on your bus,no can do.." you do not need a phoneline for broadband or highspeed internet access! "otherwise a pcmcia laptop card with a separate account..you wont be able to cross your account over to the laptop in your bus either..." what is this going to do for them, and you usually can use your broadband account on any broadband enabled phone line, the data is typically tagged to the username not the phone number, the only time it is tagged to a phone number is when it's business account. most of the telecom and vodafone handsets can be used as mobile modems for "highspeed" data service, they even have 3G cards from telecom and vodafone or even the vodem.

geek_dveditor, May 9, 11:30 am

Ok... so would you suggest,they plug the usb/ethernet cable into the bus toaster and stick it on the roof..

geek_tessal, May 9, 11:32 am

Either way they will use the hotspot or purchase another dialup/bb service. not like they can take the router from home and plug it somewhere on the bus now.

geek_tessal, May 9, 11:34 am

For post #1 this is where the hotspots are and if your in tauranga go visit tessal cause she/he is a mountain of knowledge. Hell tessal your a bundle of joy today arn't you, no i would suggest they plugged it into the flux capacitor and then called scotty to beam them up cause this placed called tauranga is strange.

geek_dveditor, May 9, 11:35 am

Oooooops got caught giving tessal the word here is the link guys and gals http://www.telecom.co.nz/hotspot

geek_dveditor, May 9, 11:36 am

#7 - the days of free Telecom WiFi are ending see: http://blogs.nzherald.co.nz/blog/griffins-tech-blog/2008/1/23/blog-the-end-of-free-telecom-wi-f<br />i/?c_id=1501198 - two other options to consider aside from WiFi hotspots are: driving the bus around and parking up in front of an unsecured residential 802.11 network; and using Outlook or Outlook Express (or another email client) with offline folders so that you can read your existing emails, and reply to emails, while you drive around without internet access (the email would only be sent and received when you do have access, but regardless this would seem to meet the stated requiredment of being able to access email)

geek_gyrogearloose, May 9, 11:39 am

Hah 1 hotspot in gore..great! maybe they will plan the trip to hop wireless hotspots HARDLY!!

geek_tessal, May 9, 11:44 am

Yeah but there is inside word from a few people i know a telecom that it will be extended. also if they are members of the campervan association then a lot of the cosi clubs and RSA's are or will be offering wireless access to members of the campervan association. my old man and quite a few of his friends are keen camper vanners and most of them now have lappies and do this all over the country.

geek_dveditor, May 9, 11:44 am

Oh tessal now now now there is now need to raise your voice, i'm only over here in gisborne so you dont need to shout. They live in Gore so why would they need to visit the hotspot in Gore when they have BB at home?

geek_dveditor, May 9, 11:46 am

Lol who knows if they belonged to a campervan club,i doubt they would be seeking advice on here when they could easily bounce info off the club buddies

geek_tessal, May 9, 11:51 am

Well that's funny, my inside sources are telling me that the WiFi operators (the coffee places etc) are going to have to pay for their bandwidth on commercial terms (and might not buy as much bandwidth as they currently get for free) and the users will either be buying access with coffee or getting a pre-paid access card from which their KB usage is deducted. But who can say...

geek_gyrogearloose, May 9, 11:52 am

The wheels on the bus go....

geek_beanie, May 9, 4:14 pm

.... i think i may try that toaster trick, when it starts raining again.

geek_0800xford, May 9, 4:15 pm

Gee Didn't expect so many answers so quickly! We don't have wireless. We are with Telecom. We thought that we could possibly take out a cheap dialup account and use the laptop anywhere there is a phone line - is that possible? We have heard of the hotspots - but there aren't many yet and we like to go to quiet country places. All we need is to be able to access e-mail and do our online banking.

geek_meetee, May 9, 5:19 pm

Gas toaster Would that work with our gas toaster? LOL

geek_meetee, May 9, 5:30 pm

.... heh heh classic aye :p i suppose gas IS wireless... da dig dig tsss

geek_0800xford, May 9, 5:36 pm

Does your lappy have a PCMCIA card slot? If so you can get a really cheap (I just sold one for $58) modem which you can connect to a vodafone/telecom data account. If you only need a small amount of traffic you can get a minimal data plan loaded to your vodafone sim card, so wherever you have cellphone coverage you will also have internet, although it will be pretty slow in most places that only have GPRS coverage. Hope this makes some sense.

geek_eventpro, May 9, 6:43 pm

Got slot but... That all sounds a bit complicated. We will probably try the separate dial-up account and hope we can find phone lines to use. Thanks everyone.

geek_meetee, May 9, 7:15 pm

Good luck meetee

geek_tessal, May 9, 7:17 pm

Meetee with your bb xtra account you already have dialup you just need to setup a dialup connection on your lappy. just use your current username and password. how old is your lappy cause most laptops no older than five years would have wireless built in. therefore just park outside a hotspot and login and do your internet banking etc.

geek_dveditor, May 9, 9:58 pm

MeeTee How about a bit more info? make and model of lappy: This way 'we' can point you in the right direction. If you lappy is rather new: It may well have 'wireless': and most likely have modem. However: Without revelent info: Its hard to 'diagnose' a 'problem' without actual info. (nothing you've done - just some of 'us' presume stuff that wasn't going into the 'right' placing. )

geek_1clickaway, May 10, 10:22 am

Three year old lappy We don't use it for broadband. Its an Acer elcheapo - daughter's one.Doesn't wireless cost a fair bit? Not clued up on these things. It looks like we may just go with an extra dialup for $10 month and hope that we can find places that have accessible phone lines we can use. Many thanks for everyones advice!

geek_meetee, May 10, 11:35 am

.... model number = we can google it and see what it can do =)

geek_0800xford, May 10, 11:36 am

Wireless Just grab your mitts around one of these; (http://www.trademe.co.nz/Computers/Networking-modems/Wireless-networking/Adaptors/auction-1543<br />85642.htm) Then ask telecom to access their 'hotspots' from your lappy: Usually what is required is a ONE time setup fee: then added to your BB account: Telecom will point you in the right direction in the 'installation' :D

geek_1clickaway, May 10, 12:40 pm