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47toby, Jun 5, 8:49am
I have a PC with an HP deskjet which has died. I don't want any bells or whistles, just a printer. Any suggestions? Thanks.

gouber7, Jun 5, 8:52am
not a Brother

malachiman, Jun 5, 8:53am
an inkjet? do you want colour... how about some "description" words of what you want to be able to do! !

no bells and whistles could me a nice dot-matrix printer

0800xford, Jun 5, 8:54am
my epson c59 is cheap, slow, loud and not very good
$9. 99 refills though, and it's mildly entertaining as it shakes my whole desk.

r.g.nixon, Jun 5, 8:59am
Epson C60 $5, auction 293686020

radiowaves, Jun 5, 9:04am
Why not?

47toby, Jun 5, 9:07am
Hope you all feel better. I do very little printing but it is nice to be able to do it when I want to. I want a reasonably priced basic printer. Not interested in colour, scanning, photocopying, singing, origami... just printing the odd letter or something off the web like a map to get from here to here.
Any sensible recommendation gratefully received.

gouber7, Jun 5, 9:07am
Because I used to work with those who fixed them, pieces of cheap junk and expensive consumables

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 5, 9:14am
Brother lasers are all good, about as reliable as anything else.

0800xford, Jun 5, 9:33am
it's funny, when i bought my printer i thought "oh i'll hardly use it" which is true, but whenever i do use it i print quite a few pages at a time, i'll be getting a laser printer soon enough.

47toby, Jun 5, 9:36am
So you are suggesting a laser printer? Any particular brand?

morrisman1, Jun 5, 9:37am
I got a laser a couple of years ago, the original cartridge lasted till not long ago. Its done a fair bit of printing too. I reckon it well and truely got its 1500 page rating which would be about 6 cartridges worth in an inkjet at $50 a cartridge, a toner is $100 genuine off here edit, just adding that the replacement cartridges are 2500 page rated rather than the 1500 page which is what comes with the printer originally

0800xford, Jun 5, 9:37am
maybe keep an eye out for a long weekend deal?
any brand you've heard of is as good as another pretty much

morrisman1, Jun 5, 9:41am
If you do choose an inkjet I do urge that you dont get a model where the print heads are not on the ink tanks. These have very small ink tubes (ive heard them called capillaries like in the human body for blood) and these need constantly flushed so if you dont print much then half your ink will be used keeping these lines clean. With models where the ink tank and print head is one unit this is not a problem and you will use most of the ink you have paid for.

47toby, Jun 5, 9:41am
Thanks. :)

0800xford, Jun 5, 9:47am
morrisman1: creds +1 for the protip

47toby, Jun 5, 9:57am
so ... -

would this be the sort of thing?

47toby, Jun 5, 10:00am
or this?

r.g.nixon, Jun 5, 10:00am
No 3rd party inks available for the MP250, yet.

0800xford, Jun 5, 10:00am
printer, copier and scanner and it's an inkjet... ?

drcspy, Jun 6, 3:10am
that description would fit most inkjets

r.g.nixon, Jun 6, 3:27am
Quite common: I use an Epson TX200 that has those features; and there is an unopened Canon MP250 sitting in a corner that is similar.

rgtrading, Jun 6, 4:11am
And the inkjet are notorious for clogging and are impossible to clean unless you know how to pull them apart.

r.g.nixon, Jun 6, 4:48am

0800xford, Jun 6, 4:53am
that isn't what i meant at all.

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