Adsl probs

bobin55, Jun 6, 8:24am
got a new router from telecom a thomson had d-link before that and no probs, well now when i turn the computer off it restarts , so i checked on google and it is a "wake on lan problem" and for the life of me i cannt find the file to disable im told its in the bios. so could it have another name, its a compaq deskto running xp and the mother board is a 07doh can any one help pls

0800xford, Jun 6, 8:30am

boot -into- your bios and turn it off.

bobin55, Jun 6, 9:12am
thanks for your help , but i did just that and could not find it buy name but found this under security network service boot would that be it cheers

shrapz, Jun 6, 9:17am
its in bios, f2 or del at startup, should be in chipset settings or intergrated devices . .

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 6, 9:24am
You can disable it in the adaptor settings in windows some times too. Device manager/network adaptor/properties/advanced settings, under that you may find a wake up settings option.

swivel, Jun 6, 9:26am
Just wondering how this is an ADSL problem. Since you had the reason, Why say ADSL Problem.

bobin55, Jun 6, 9:31am
Had no prob with the d-link and does not do this but when i fit the telecom router supplied it plays up help , says it cannot help me thats why i think its an adsl problem

bobin55, Jun 6, 10:07am
still cannot find it so must be tech time bugger

swivel, Jun 6, 10:15am
Must be. As if you can't boot into bois and find "boot from lan" it's over your head

spyware, Jun 6, 10:25pm
Boot from LAN is an entirely different concept to Wake on LAN.

swivel, Jun 6, 10:31pm
you knew what i ment.

bobin55, Jun 7, 6:51am
I found a fix in network adapters so thankyou to all that tried to help

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