HTC Desire....mmmmmm

ladaspeed, Jun 6, 10:38pm
I have had mine for a week now, and it truly a lush thing. Who on here has one and what are some good apps? The best ones I have found are google sky which is truly amazing, Mortplayer for audiobooks, the metal detector, and ShootU which is a really nice physics game... The only downsides I can find are that the touchscreen is slightly less accurate than the iPhone, and that there seemed to be too many buttons for the first few days... apart from that I am in geek heaven.

suicidemonkey, Jun 6, 11:12pm
Had mine for a few weeks. I love it. Some good apps. . uninstaller, all the emulators, ASTRO file manager, Notes, Shazam, LED Light, eBuddy, Compass, Transdroid if you use torrentz, Robo Defense (awesome game), WaveSecure, and MyBackup.

ladaspeed, Jun 6, 11:36pm
Just got mybackup, that looks sweet. . do you have an app killer? I have the free version of advanced app killer, seems to work a treat.

suicidemonkey, Jun 6, 11:46pm
After doing a bit of reading i've stopped using app killers. Apparently they can do more harm than good. Android has a really good built-in task manager, and it should do the work for you.

ladaspeed, Jun 6, 11:49pm
Ok I will look into that... .

sarfas, Jun 6, 11:54pm
Definitely Astro, yxflash - plays flvs, isilo for books and Gensoid.

vtecintegra, Jun 7, 12:16am
You shouldn't need an app killer, it was more on the original devices with very limited memory that they were required.

Hows your battery life?

ladaspeed, Jun 7, 12:28am
Pretty good, certainly better than the iPhone 3GS I was running, I have been at 40-50% after a days worth of geeking out.

ladaspeed, Jun 7, 12:36am
Also have stopped the appkiller for now, will see how that goes...

rahto, Jun 7, 12:59am
I'll join the Desire group after Telstra's 6 month exclusivity of the XT version of the Desire is over ;) then they may bring out a normal version that works on XT (i. e. without all the bloatware)...

Quick question that I can't find a definite answer for though...

Does it have voice to text? I. E. can you 'write' a text message by talking to it?

osymandias, Jun 7, 1:03am
Task killers are redundant as android's memory manager takes care of it just fine. What is worthwhile if your phone had 256MB or less ram is AutoKiller. It lets you set how aggressive the built in memory manager is rather than duplicating the functionality.

suicidemonkey, Jun 7, 1:23am
You have to install some extra software and custom keyboard to do it, but it's pretty simple and works well. And once we get 2. 2 for the Desire, it'll recognize different accents.

osymandias, Jun 7, 1:37am
Nothing, old iPhone battery, new Desire battery; mystery solved. I get almost comparable battery life on my nexus if I kill GPS/Wifi when not in use and don't really use widgets. (well I recommend switchpro) I don't have all the sense stuff running that you guys do either...

ladaspeed, Jun 7, 1:51am
Also I don't use push on my email, that seriously drained the battery on the iphone.

vtecintegra, Jun 7, 2:42am
Push Gmail doesn't seem to have any battery life penalty on Android which is nice.

Screen follwed by gps and wifi are the biggest drains for me, but i use mine as an ebook reader quite frequently

suicidemonkey, Jun 7, 2:48am
The Desire is great, on a full charge the screen only uses about 4% of the total battery :D But I have a friend with a Droid, and his screen uses about 35% of the total battery.

Amazing difference.

osymandias, Jun 7, 3:01am
Not really realistic unless you have it sleeping 90% of the time - even with amoled. I think your logging is funky. Look in spare parts if you've rooted it, should give you more details.

suicidemonkey, Jun 7, 3:41am
Spare parts says the same thing. I have a friend with a Desire and theirs says the same.

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